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Creating exceptional customer experiences in Italy | Cloud Cultures

The Cloud Cultures series highlights people from some of the fastest growing cloud markets who are using technology to improve the world around them along with the powerful themes of innovation converged with local customs, values, and ways of living. These stories show firsthand how technology and tradition combine to form cloud cultures. This episode explores Italy.

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0:00 – 1:14 Introduction
1:15 – 4:03 Corey meets with the co-host | Vicky Piria
4:04 – 8:26 Weaving hand-stitched heritage with cutting edge technology | Zegna
8:27 – 12:33 Growing their research capabilities using the cloud | CREA
12:34 – 16:22 Blending old tradition with modern technology | Lavazza Group
16:23 – 19:46 Reflecting on Italy’s cloud culture | Recap

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Credit: YouTube/Microsoft

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