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Cosmic Careers: NBL Diver

Human spaceflight is a team sport – and not everyone needs a Ph.D. to be a part of it. In Cosmic Careers, we explore the different, and sometimes unusual jobs needed to make NASA’s mission possible. We’re making a splash this episode with divers Emily Cox and Reilly Holmgreen. They work at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and explain that if you want to work underwater with astronauts in training, all you need is a dive certification.

The Neutral Buoyancy Lab is 40 foot deep pool where astronauts can train for spacewalks – the process of putting on a spacesuit and performing tasks out in the vacuum of space. Come along to the bottom of the pool with our host Dane Turner for a tour of the International Space Station’s mockups and the lunar terrain area that astronauts will use to practice working on the lunar surface through NASA’s Artemis program.

Credit: YouTube/NASA Johnson

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