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Compose Layouts and Modifiers: Live Q&A – MAD Skills

Welcome to the live Q&A for the Compose Layouts and Modifiers for MAD Skills! Join Chris Arriola, Jolanda Verhoef, Simona Stojanovic, and Andrei Shikov to get answers to the Compose Layouts and Modifier questions you may have!

0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Is it the right time to migrate existing XML code into Compose?
3:50 – I’m new to Android development. Should I use Compose or XML?
4:55 – When should I use Column vs LazyColumn?
6:30 – Is there a schedule for M2 & M3 parity?
8:25 – Will there be scroll support out-of-the-box for LazyColumn?
11:55 – In what scenarios should I create a custom layout vs use Row/Column/Box?
14:36 – So there will be no XML layouts?
17:48 – When should I use Modifier.alignByBaseline()?
19:34 – How to migrate an app built in Java to Compose?
20:48 – Can I pass multiple modifiers in a Composable?
22:29 – When will scrollbars be supported?
23:55 – Why is RecyclerView faster than Lazy Lists?
28.58 – Will there be any impact on performance if we use more columns?
29:58 – Lots of Compose features are experimental. How concerned should we be using these features in production?
32:05 – What are some tips to debug custom Compose layouts?
34:15 – Why should we use composed { } when creating custom modifiers?
36:36 – Do I still need to use ConstraintLayout?
40:22 – When should I use SubcomposeLayout?
41:58 – Which architecture is most suitable for a Compose app?
43:45 – What is the fastest way to switch from XML to Compose and migrate ongoing projects?

Compose Layouts:
Basis →
ConstraintLayout in Compose →
Custom layouts →
Advanced layout concepts →

Compose Modifiers:
Guide →
Deep dive →
Constraints and modifier order →

Migrate to Compose:
Existing View-based apps →
Migrating Sunflower →

More on Compose:
Roadmap →
Performance →
Tooling →
Architecture →

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Credit: YouTube/Android Developers

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