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Climatix RTU Optimization Solution by Siemens

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Siemens set out to deliver a better rooftop unit management solution unlike any other that’s designed with efficiency in mind – for contractors and building owners. This controller-driven solution has pre-programmed configurations in the Climatix RT which are easily set up using a simple mobile app that guides the tech through the process and prevents mistakes.

The programming is so simply designed that an apprentice could perform the work. Need to add a VFD to the unit? No problem. When paired with the Climatix VFD, your tech still only has a few points to assign in minutes…not hours. This solution provides simplified remote monitoring and the ability to navigate through any issues identified to proactively troubleshoot before rolling a truck. Achieve better efficiency, better comfort and better control with enhanced rooftop unit performance that makes life easy.

Credit: YouTube/Siemens

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