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ASUS PCDIY Hardware Live Stream #94 – ROG RYUJIN III aRGB, ROG Cosmic Mat, PC builds, Q&A and more

New products we will be introducing and detailing in the stream

AIO / Cooling

ROG RYUJIN III 240 aRGB edition ( black ) with magnetic daisy chain fans – $279.99
ROG RYUJIN III 360 aRGB edition ( black ) with magnetic daisy chain fans – $349.99

Desk and setup accessories

ROG Cosmic Mat ( chair/floor mat ) – $79.99

Featured build – By AKMOD –

We will also detail the latest UEFI bios updates for applicable boards in the last week.

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Find out about the latest and greatest from ASUS, including first-look previews, teasers, and updates regarding productivity release/availability; for those looking for deals/sales, find out about our latest promotions.

The stream also showcases PC builds, mods, and setups from the PCDIY community in our ASUS PCDIY Builder Spotlight. From air-cooled to liquid-cooled, ITX to ATX, we have an array of PC builds and setups.

Are you interested in overclocking? Then, check out the ASUS OC spotlight. Check out some of the latest OC results from pros and everyday overclocking enthusiasts from air-cooled to water-cooled, memory or graphics #MoreMHz.

Want to submit your build? Have questions about ASUS hardware, upgrades, overclocking, cooling, or other aspects of PC DIY? Join our PCIY group –

#pcgaming #buildapc

Credit: YouTube/ASUS North America

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