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Artillery X4 Plus Set to Hit the Market on February 20th at $429

Artillery X4 Plus, the latest addition to the artillery-grade printers, is ready to bring a revolution to the 3D printing industry. Its highly anticipated release is scheduled for February 20th, and industry enthusiasts are eagerly counting down the days.

Feature 1: Klipper Firmware for Lightning-Fast Printing

The X4plus printer comes with Klipper Firmware, enabling a maximum speed of 500mm/s, surpassing many others in the market. The default speed is set at 300mm/s, allowing for faster and more efficient printing without compromising quality. This means quicker and reliable results with the X4plus.

Feature 2: XY-axis Metal Linear Rails for Unparalleled Precision

Artillery 3D Printers prioritizes precision, using XY-axis metal linear guides in the X4plus to ensure smooth and precise movement. Additionally, the Y-axis features dual linear guides, reducing resistance and enabling high-speed movements for utmost printing precision, allowing for intricate details and flawless designs.

Feature 3: Expansive Build Size for Limitless Opportunities

The X4plus boasts a larger build size of 300x300x400mm, offering ample room to materialize ideas, whether for prototyping, functional parts, or intricate models, opening up a world of possibilities.


With unparalleled speed, precise movements, and an expanded build size, the X4plus printer from Artillery 3D Printers is undoubtedly a game-changer in the industry. Whether you’re a professional 3D printing enthusiast or someone looking to delve into this exciting realm, the X4plus is sure to exceed your expectations. Be sure to pre-order your X4plus on February 20th and join the revolution in 3D printing. For further information about the X4plus and pre-order details, please visit our website (Artillery3D Website)

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