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Amazing Shortcuts to Power-Up ANY iPhone!

The *Action Button* is cool, but let me show you how to LEVEL it up and how to add it to ANY iPhone.
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*Helper Apps*
Download Actions –
Download Data Jar (Prime GPT) –
Download a-Shell (SW-DLT) –
Download QuickScanner –

*Download my Toggle Examples*
Focus State –
Action Menu –
Action Volume –
Flippity Doo-da –

*My Favorite Shortcuts*
Dynamic Summary –
DND Menu –
Shifter –
Network Tool –
Tip/Split/Pay –
Auto Message –
SW-DLT (yt-dl) –
Amazon Price Tracker –
Prime GPT –
ChefGPT –
Advanced Low Power Mode –

* Me*
Snazzy Labs on –
SnazzyQ on –

0:00 Action Button this Biotch
0:44 Shortcut Time
1:00 State-dependent Action Button
1:49 How to build dynamic Action Button Toggles
4:21 Example: Action Menu
6:18 Example: Action Volume
9:00 Example: Flippity Doo-da
10:51 Shortcut Folders
11:29 “I don’t have an iPhone 15 Pro!”
14:00 Snazzy’s Favorite Shortcuts
14:16 DND Mode
14:42 Shifter
15:41 Network Tool
15:57 Tip/Split/Pay
17:03 Auto Message
18:41 New Event
19:22 Scan to Favorite
19:44 I’m Nakey
20:32 Amazon Price Finder
21:09 SW-DLT (Video Downloader)
22:19 S-GPT
23:39 ChefGPT
24:37 A Warning about Automations…
25:33 Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers
26:06 Advanced Low Power Mode

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Credit: YouTube/Snazzy Labs

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