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AiDot Winees F2 Pro Review: Triple Floodlight, Super Wide 2K Dual-Lens Camera – Witness The Unseen!

πŸ”₯ Get It Here – Official Website: | Amazon US: | Use Discount Code β€œwinees9d” To Save $$$ πŸ”₯
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00:00 – Teaser & Intro
00:48 – Detailed Unboxing
01:22 – Accessories & Manual
02:10 – First Impressions
02:54 – Detailed Overview
04:55 – App Overview
09:22 – Setup & Test
11:16 – Low Light Test
13:09 – Color Night Vision
14:20 – Conclusion & Outro

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Super wide 2K & newest AI tech in AiDot’s newest surveillance camera!

Buy on AiDot (Use code):

Buy on Amazon US (Use code and coupon):

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Original Price: $179.99
Final Price: $119.79

Coupon Code: winees9d

This special offer is valid from 2023-9-25 00:01 PDT to 2023-10-923:59 PDT time.

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Credit: YouTube/TechMagnet

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