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A Device That Monitors Your Body Posture to Prevent Sleeping in Uncomfortable Positions

As we age, we become more susceptible to injuries, sometimes even from minor actions. Something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position can lead to body aches that can disrupt our routine for days. To address this issue, [Elite Worm] developed a sleep posture monitor that alerts users if they are sleeping in a harmful posture. After realizing that sleeping face down was causing neck discomfort, he set out to create a solution.

Initially considering using mechanical tilt switches, he opted for an accelerometer to allow for more flexibility in detecting different postures. The device, housing an IMU, an ATtiny85, and a vibrating motor on a custom PCB, discreetly notifies the user when they are adopting an unfavorable posture. Worn on the body, this device periodically checks the user’s sleeping position and triggers an alert if needed.

The compact wearable, enclosed in a 3D printed casing and attached to clothing, operates efficiently, with a single charge lasting an estimated 18 days. While there are possibilities for enhancing its power efficiency, the current performance is commendable. For those interested in learning more about the project, [Elite] plans to share design files and code on GitHub in the near future.

Sleep plays a significant role in our lives, with the average person spending about a third of their life asleep. Consequently, innovators have been exploring various ways to improve sleep quality. Whether it’s monitoring brain waves or exploring ASMR through AI, the realm of sleep technology continues to evolve.[/embed>

Image Source: Hackaday

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