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5 Tips to Utilize the Area Around Blog Posts

Of course, a major key component to the success of the blog is the content itself, so that traffic arrives to Image result for blog postthe website. Another area that is often overlooked is the area around a blog post. Yes, web users come to a website to read the content on it. However, if you utilize the space and area around the content, you can capitalize from the traffic by getting them to do something extra on top of reading the content. With this, here are 5 tips you can do to utilize the area around blog posts.



#1 Email Subscription

If you have content hitting a specific target audience and topic on your website, then it is worth setting up an email subscription to market to your web users. This is typically best to add after the content. That way, if the web user is pleased after reading the content, they have the option to continue receiving your content by email.



#2 Social Media Sharing Buttons Floating

It is a great idea to promote social media sharing on your blog posts, since this will enable your blog posts to gain more traffic for free, with the potential to go viral.

A way you can do this is by implementing social media share buttons to the left hand side of your content. This tends to be a space not used for anything. By having them float, the web user will always have the option to share your post socially.



#3 Advertising

Although this won’t directly benefit your website, in terms of keeping web users on it, it will generate revenue for your website. The best locations for adverts propagate around the blog post, since this is where the web user’s attention is. Adverts above/below the content, as well as in-between paragraphs inside the content – these all work well in generating a high CTR.



#4 Related Posts

If you are not keen on email marketing or advertising at the end of blog posts, then you can put related posts in the space instead. It is common for web users to click off a website after getting what they want: information from content. By sticking related posts at the end of blog posts will entice web users to continue reading about the same topic, increasing the time they are on the website and the number of pages they visited. In general, the longer web users are on a website, the better.



#5 Floating Search

The problem with sidebars is that once the web user scrolls down the content, the widgets scroll with the page and disappear. This is why it is a good idea to have a floating widget, such as a search bar. This is exactly what I did with poemanalysis.com. From doing this, it enables web users to search for any article on the website without leaving the current page.

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