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5 Reasons Why Google’s Play Store is Better than Apple’s App Store

If you are looking to get a smartphone, there are only two real choices with regards to what software that Image result for app store vs play storephone will use. There is Apple with iOS and the App Store and Google with Android and the Play Store. Both have their pros and cons and, in general, a lot of choosing between the two comes down to preference. Saying this, it cannot be ignored that Apple does things better than Google and Google does things better than Apple. To some extent, the Google Play Store is better than Apple’s App Store, even though the App Store has been around for longer than the Play Store. Here are 5 reasons why.



You Can Find Apps Easier

A problem with Apple’s App Store is that when it comes to searching for an app, apps will only appear in search results based on the keywords the developer added to be searched against for their app.

Compare this to Google, where they are contextual and utilize all of the content of the app (e.g. title, description, category and more), and it is light and day. You are far more likely to find the app you are looking for in the Google Play Store than the App Store.



Android Apps Are Cheaper

Due to the fact that the competition is more fierce on Android, this has pushed the prices of apps down. This means, like for like, apps are generally cheaper on Android than they are on the App Store.



Apps Are Provided With More Information

Before downloading an app from the App Store, the only information you get about the app is with a description and a few screenshots. Inside the Google Play Store, they have exactly the same, but a more indepth description of the app. As well as this, there is the option to show a video of the app, providing even more information, before purchase, as to what the app would be like to use.



Google Play Apps Work With More Devices

When you download an app from the App Store, it depends greatly what device you have. There are some apps made just for iPhone, with others designed just for iPad.

Google’s Play Store has all of the apps available, no matter what device is wanting to download it. This means Android users have the whole Play Store to download apps from, unlike what is the case for iPad users.



More Developer Friendly

It is a notorious fact that Apple is extremely difficult when it comes to accepting apps into their App Store. They have strict rules that developers must abide to for the app to show on the App Store. On the other hand, Google has made sure their ‘rules’ to getting an app in their Play Store is more lenient. This provides the incentive to developers to fund more time into developing apps for the Play Store, if they know they won’t get rejected.

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