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4 Pricey Tech Gadgets I Like! (NOT SPONSORED)

Quinn shares some of his favorite—admittedly bougie—tech products he’s used in 2023.
Eight Sleep –
Himiway –
Roland F701 –
Prusa XL –

The Eight Sleep mattress cover has been seen on a lot of your favorite channels, but always as a paid ad. What does a tech reviewer *really* think of the company’s crazy expensive liquid-cooled smart cover? E-bikes are cool, but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: most e-bike brands share components from the same, small, handful of factories and the products themselves are not much different than they’d seem. The Himiway Zebra is a perfectly fine bike with nicer-than-average components at a lower cost—likely at the expense of after-sales support. Oh, and pianos. Pianos are cool, but they’re crazy expensive. How good could a “cheap” digital piano be in 2023? The Roland F701 gets a lot of things right—including the sound—but does it *feel* like a piano worthy of its price? Last, 3D printing has died off from the “fad” it once was, but it’s more useful than ever and the latest printers are insanely capable. The Prusa XL has a 360^3mm build volume which makes way for some BIG projects. Find out about all of this and more on this week’s episode of Snazzy Labs.

Disclosure: Products in this video were provided for review free-of-charge; however, that has not impacted my opinion of them. I’ve been a product reviewer for 15-years and offending a company or criticizing a product is sometimes part of the game. My “boss” is you, the viewer; not brands.

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