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25 Quick Tips to Making a Successful Content Mill Website

Content mills, in my opinion, is where the money is online. A long term SEO strategy to gain traffic to Image result for traffic websitehigh quality articles that are not time-dependent means you could potentially have a steady income for life. However, creating a content mill that is successful depends on how you start and maintain it. For this reason, here are some quick fire tips to making a successful content mill website, that will gain you consistently lots of traffic.

  1. Get your theme up and running first before anything else. Make sure the whole architecture to the website is complete before you produce any content. This also includes:
    1. Social Media platforms.
    2. Social media integration with website (automatic tweeting/sharing of posts).
    3. Email marketing.
    4. Advertising.
    5. Pages, such as Contact, About Us and Advertise.
    6. Plugins, if using WordPress.
    7. Hosting.
  2. Get a good domain straight away, even if it costs you a bit to purchase it.
  3. Hire freelancers, skilled in the area of the content mill, to produce the content.
  4. Proof read every article from every freelancer to make sure it is of good enough quality.
    1. If this proves to be time consuming for yourself, employ an editor in the content-mill skill expertise area to do the proof reading. Plus points to hiring someone who is capable of editing articles for better SEO.
  5. Reply to all comments within 24 hours, be it on social media, email contact or comments on articles.
  6. Only look at the website’s statistics, both in terms of traffic and revenue, once a week as a weekly review.
  7. Keep a tabs of everyone’s performance by analysing the freelancers that attract the best natural SEO (most traffic) to their articles, and make sure you give them the opportunity to write more content for you.
  8. Always negotiate on price per article with freelancers.
  9. Always try to please your freelances, even if this means giving them more work or increasing the price per article – Soft HR is always better than hard HR.
  10. Maintain the amount of articles being published – from doing this, there will be a break even point that will naturally occur.
  11. Once reached break even, it is your choice whether you want to invest more into more content or keep it at the same rate you have consistently been at.
  12. Try to include images in each article for better SEO and Google Image search traffic.
  13. Use responsive search bar in your website’s theme (just like Google, once you start typing, search results automatically appear automatically below).
  14. Include 1-3 internal links in your content per article.
  15. Always use headings, ranging ideally from heading 1 to heading 3.

Although some of the above tips are quite self explanatory, some others are quite specific and will help content mills become profitable quicker through developing traffic quicker. Most businesses tend to fail within the first year of going live. Therefore, if you are looking to produce a content mill business, implementing the above tips will help to make it a long lasting successful business.

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