This copy of Windows is not genuine – how to fix

Microsoft, in a rather brilliant move, has released an update that checks your OS serial against a list of known leaked serials (corporate edition keys, etc). If your serial matches one of them then it puts a darling little message on the bottom right hand of your login screen, and also a system tray icon that nags you to buy a genuine copy of windows.

It will also pop up a dialog that says “This copy of Windows is not Genuine
“This copy of Windows is not genuine and you have not yet resolved this issue. This computer is no longer eligible to recieve select security upgrades from Microsoft.

This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine

To protect your copy of Windows, you must click Get Genuine now.”

Every so often a little balloon will pop up that says “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.” Below that it will say “This copy of Windows is not genuine. Click this balloon to resolve now.” If you’re working on a system that has this running it gets annoying in a hurry. What the time interval between pop-ups is, I don’t know, but I imagine it’ll drive most people to buy a legit key after a while just to get the thing to shut up.

Fixing the popup is easy enough.

Reboot to safe mode. Open up HijackThis and scroll down to the selection that says “020 – Winlogon Nofity: Wgalogon – …” select that, and click fix checked.

You can also go and delete the actual executable that nags you. The full path to it should be (for most installs) C:\Windows\System32\wgatray.exe.

Reboot after this. No longer should you get the popups and that nagger as you log in should not show up either.

Instructions for Windows 7

The easiest way to fix the issue in Windows 7 is to use the ChewWGA tool that I’ve located. You can download it from here:  Looks like that site is down now. For the time being, you’ll just have to search for it unfortunately.

UPDATE #2: Alrighty, since all the versions that everybody seems to find are .rar’s that have been password-protected for some retarded reason, I’ve provided a free and clear .zip here.

UPDATE #3: HAL7600 has superseded  ChewWGA. Use it instead.

UPDATE #4 [10/11/2011]: HAL7600 is no longer maintained. Furthermore, Windows Activation Technologies latest Windows Update KB971033 disables Windows 7 activation cracks by using dynamic signatures as well as “calling home” to Microsoft servers to check up on the system every so often.

  1. Load the control panel and open up Programs and Features, then click on View installed updates
  2. Scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section, and locate KB971033. If it is installed, select it, right-click and then click on Uninstall. Reboot your system.
  3. If you’ve used any previous Windows 7 Activation cracks, then download and run WAT Fix. [If you've not previously loaded an activator you can skip this step]  This will restore Windows 7′s activation files and settings to their original defaults that way Windows Loader has a standard setting/file set to work from (instead of trying to crack files that have been already modified in unknown ways by other activation cracks). WAT Fix will scan the system and restore any modified files, after this is completed it’ll reboot the system.
  4. Download and run Windows Loader. When it’s complete, reboot your system to make sure that it no longer pops up the non-genuine nag window and that your desktop doesn’t have the nag text at the bottom-right hand corner.
    Windows Loader v2.0.8 - Windows Activation Technologies crack for Windows 7
  5. Run Windows Update and hide KB971033 so that it doesn’t attempt to re-install itself in the future.

ChewWGA v0.9 "Windows Not Genuine" Fix for Windows 7

Close all the apps that you have open, run the program, and then click “Apply”. One virus scanner incorrectly identifies it as some kind of virus because of the compression that it uses, but I’ve tested it on 3 different machines (including my main Windows 7 Ultimate test machine) and it is clean.

Note: I am NOT condoning software piracy! If you have jacked your copy of Windows then it’s time to buy one!


  1. smashly says:

    Easier way is to abolish the activation altogether.
    No bios loader, no desktop watermark, no nags when opening notepad, paint, word, control panel.
    Win 7 SP1 x64 works fine for me without it.
    No loader means no SPP service needed running constantly checking your bios loader slic cert to see if your genuine.

    Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Use RemoveWAT.
    Disable Software Protection Service.
    Take ownership of slui.exe and rename or delete it.
    Create a new text file in the same directory as your deleted/renamed slui.exe.
    Rename that new empty text file slui.exe.
    Done, no more MS Genuine watermarks and you can use notepad, control panel, word etc without the bs nag windows.

  2. andy says:

    at the bottom right hand corner of my SAMSUNG laptop screen i see a notification sayins this version of windows is not genuine. how do i correct it

  3. Mon says:

    It worked for me! For those who tried and failed to activate the first time, just review the instructions carefully especially on revalidating Windows. Thanks dude! You’re a genius!

  4. marco says:

    my windows loader says that its status is “Notification”
    how do i fix it?

  5. jas says:

    wch program to run in last??

  6. weewilly says:

    i got black screen and “windows not genuine…” after install of SP1. uninstalled it. voila. fixed

  7. Avakai says:


    I was doubtful at first but then I sucked it up, followed the instructions and it works! There is no nagging, no message in the corner and I am very grateful!

    (I used Windows 7)

  8. rodel says:

    yes its very effective! but i wonder if it has as bad effect in our computer?

  9. Lendal says:

    Excellent artcile, you saved me a lot of time thank you worked perfectly 1st time

  10. Will N. says:

    My laptop suddenly became ultra slow (e.g., 10+ min to boot) and “Windows 7 build 7601 is not genuine” now appears on desktop. Windows 7 was factory installed by Asus/Best Buy three years ago. I’m concerned that my OS has recently been corrupted/hijacked and password security may be compromised. McAfee scan reported 1 trojan (automatically deleted??) but nothing else. I do not want to eliminate the nag if the problem is real. What to do? Thanks.

  11. jamhow says:

    Smashly–thnx for the info! It worked for me–no annoying msg in bottom of screen. youre amazing!

    I used: Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Use RemoveWAT.
    Disable Software Protection Service.

    but i couldnt:
    Take ownership of slui.exe and rename or delete it.
    Create a new text file in the same directory as your deleted/renamed slui.exe.
    Rename that new empty text file slui.exe.

  12. Pruths says:

    It works..!! Thanks a lot..

  13. Kek says:

    Thanks Guys!

    Seriously, you guys saved my ass here.

    Any doubts. Ctrl + A + DELETE.

    Windows 7 user here.

  14. lola says:

    hi, thanks for the tip, worked gread, but it still won’t let me save any files to any disc… any suggestions?

  15. Tom says:

    In response to smashy July 17– searched slui.exe, opened it, it said windows activation successful, then “not genuine” watermark disappeared from lower right corner of black desktop. Problem solved? So far so good…..

  16. harish says:

    This didn’t work for me still shows the message.. not sure what other things did this update do to my system…..

  17. Tom says:

    Before opening slui.exe I uninstalled Windows update KB971033. Forgot to mention this in earlier post.

  18. Kirk says:

    there is no KB971033 in my windows update

  19. Jazz says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  20. Shantanu says:

    Thanks a lot….
    now i have a genuine copy of windows!!

  21. sonia says:

    hey i wanted to make sure that do i need to download windows loader after unistalling kb971033 key? as you mentioned bewlow :

    ‘Download and run Windows Loader. When it’s complete, reboot your system to make sure that it no longer pops up the non-genuine nag window and that your desktop doesn’t have the nag text at the bottom-right hand corner.

    Run Windows Update and hide KB971033 so that it doesn’t attempt to re-install itself in the future’

    btw cud u reply back soon as possible on here or email ? thanks

  22. Doooood says:

    Hey Smashly – worked great. Thanks! I was looking for a simple solution to get rid of this annoyance that Microsofot has created for its customers. Sweet

  23. Ron says:

    Thanks so much for this information. This has been an annoying problem for some time. Appears fixed now.

  24. SparcMan says:

    I’ll have to give this a shot. My 100% legit Windows 7 is giving me this bullcrap. Way to go Microshit!

  25. Pete J says:

    Smashly – well done worked great for me too, cheers

  26. xxxholic says:

    umm.. I cant find the KB971033

    where is it?

  27. xxxholic says:

    umm.. I cant find the KB971033

    where is it?


  28. Praful says:

    Me too .. i was skeptical, then if it works it is much better than getting those stupid messages from windows.
    I initially used this patch to remove the watermark from the screen. (run cmd.exe as admin and type “slmgr -rearm”). This removed the watermark. Then i uninstalled the patch KB971033 as told in this site and restarted. It worked the activation window in the beginning of starting booting the computer is eliminated. thanks guys for this.

  29. Ameya says:

    Thanks alot. Works for me

  30. Lynn says:

    I have the same issue except no file called KB971033. Any suggestions?

  31. BossNinja says:

    andy you dumbass. that’s what the whole fucking article is about.

  32. Dodge says:

    Does not work for me

  33. mohan says:

    i have window7 professional .starting time says that window is not genuine what i do

  34. Sweetiepie says:

    i also have windows 7 build 7601 not genuine in my screen but when i run windows loader it i need to run remove wat even if the pop up message was already remove???

  35. Sweetiepie says:

    when i run windows loader my windows has been activated and i cannot see the message “windows 7 not genuine” anymore looks like it is already fix

  36. Jin-Sae says:

    you genius! :D
    im so glad i just got myself a copy of a genuine windows :P
    with the help of you, this wouldve never happened.
    thnx again!

  37. Blastum says:

    I have tried every step on here and it has not worked for me. Windows loader will tell me that “The certificate was’nt successfully installed” Also, I could not find 020 – Winlogon Nofity: Wgalogon in HijackThis. I am running an HP Pavilion Elite with Windows 7 Home Premium (x64). Any suggestions?

  38. husnawati says:

    gi mana sih cara nya ngilangin tanda copy windows is of genuine,,,,,,,,,mohon solusi nya

  39. Jerome says:

    it`s work!!thank u so much!!

  40. garry says:

    how to install windows 7 genuine

  41. R says:

    Man, it works well, I just installed “window loader” it works. Did not need to do anything else. Took like 10 seconds. It appears that it is generating a new key. I rebooted, the not genuine message is gone. I check to see if I have that Windows Update KB971033. I don’t have it. Then I try to do a update, I see it automatically gets the update and unchecked KB971033 for me. Pretty cool. thank you so much

  42. aarthy says:

    can u send me the demo of genuine problem to my E-Mail id????

  43. Blastum says:

    Can WHO send you a copy?

  44. Jai Singh says:

    This didn’t work for me. Uninstalled the update, rebooted. Then used Windows Loader, rebooted…no change. Still got the nag screen, and ‘not genuine’ stain in the corner of my screen HELP PLEASE!!

  45. H says:

    oh yes, thanx so much here, i really wanted to install Microsoft security Essential and it worked out perfectlt for me.

  46. Ha Kamtzan says:

    Perfect!!! Thanks!!!!

  47. Chris says:

    There’s another, very simple solution: Buy a legal of Windows.

  48. Doctor PC says:

    I booted into Safe Mode in XP Pro. At command prompt I cd’d to C:\Windows\System32 >> I then tried to delete wgatray.exe “access denied” >> However it allowed me to ren (rename) (weird that it would let me rename but not delete).
    I renamed it xxxtray.exe. Rebooted. Pop-up gone. Not sure of possible Microsoft retaliation. Since I have the receipt for my purchased, licensed copy I look forward to Microsoft giving some of their money to me.
    It makes me want to start a drive to push MAC to number one – but I don’t know what nags and exploits they have given their owners. Doesn’t this fall under “monopolies” or “anti-trust” or just plain-ass cheating the consumer. It’s like an old-fashioned duel with only one person having a gun.

  49. Doctor PC says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Is this the same as … Your copy of Windows could be counterfeit ???

  50. james says:

    Awesome dude thank you, worked fine on win7

  51. Sanajaoba says:

    my laptop of lenovo installing window 7 has i problem of not qenuine how do i fixed it? someone please help me,I will be very thanksful if someone please help me.

  52. aussiewoo says:

    Thank you!

  53. Jake says:

    please help me,
    i’m having problem with my computer,windows 7 Build 7600, the copy of windows is not genuine. plese help me.

  54. ShojoBakunyu says:

    The worst part of this is that MY COPY OF WINDOWS IS GENUINE! I’m using the OEM Key off the sticker on the bottom of my laptop… A laptop that I bought legit.

    I’m wondering if this happened because I set up a Deep Virus Scan before I went to bed last night and turned on PeerBlock 1.1 (which blocks connection to Microsoft) and that is the issue. If they’re doing this to me because I wanted to block access to my computer while asleep, I’m pissed.

  55. mark says:

    thank you so much dude….it really helps…

  56. redick says:

    I’m having the exact same problem with VISTA. But I’m not finding any help online. Any ideas? There is no update KB971033 listed under installed updates. I’ve rearmed, but that just buys me 30 days until it pops up again and doesn’t really solve the problem.

  57. akram says:

    thanks but this is not permanent solution

  58. george says:

    that watfix led me into alot of suspicious garbage and installed an aol tool bar etc. the programs it wanted to download have different names. I dont remember them but they had zip and quick in them. Ill try again later. I did delete kb971033 tho with no results.

  59. Unknown Seeker says:

    @ Smashly. I cannot delete or rename slui.exe. Windows 7 says I do not have “permission”. I just now installed windows and am the only user (so I should be the administrator right?) Solution?

  60. Unknown Seeker says:

    Edit to my previous comment… I can now have file permissions after running this program

  61. Badfinger says:

    Thanks a lot…

    Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Download and run WAT Fix.
    Download and run Windows Loader.
    Restart….and presto “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” is gone.

    It works!

  62. shinji says:

    it worked!!! all hail you!!!!!!!!!!

  63. behabtua says:


  64. hana says:

    hey thank you so much

  65. help me says:

    i have the black screen where it wont let me put a wallpaper up or anything. i dont have KB971033 or any of that. IM SO CONFUSED :(

  66. kennywally says:

    ran the wat, still seen the notice, the ran the loader file…voila, no more nag. :-)

  67. kennywally says:

    rats…..I spoke too soon! today the nag is back…..

    I suppose I can run both again

  68. Kim says:

    It worked. Thanks so much!

  69. Halcyon says:

    What happens if I don’t do anything? Will my computer stop working at some point?
    I don’t know why after having this version of Windows 7 for 2 years it suddenly has popped up with this message. :(

  70. krishnmohan says:

    thank q for ur suggestions iam trying as ur suggestions….

  71. kennywally says:

    search for the new WAT226 and it removes it just fine. 8 stops any installs without keys for those who are monkeying around..FWIW

  72. Richard says:

    Daz you are the bomb! I’ve been searching for a fix from Microsoft and all they want to so is sell you a new activation code. I paid for Windows when I bought my laptop I certainly do not want to be charged twice! Thank you for your awesome help.

  73. Marjorie Taggart says:

    Hi all, I have had the windows is not genuine appear on the buttom of my screen. To complicate things awhile back I accidently downloaded what appeared to be windows 10. Now when I open up i get this picture program called Opt.I cleaned it out of my programs but still opens when I turn on my computer.I have Nortons 360 on Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated. Have I been hacked? Should I notify my service provider?

  74. Cristopher says:

    Alternatively, you can run the command prompt as an administrator, then type: “slmgr -rearm” (without the quotes) then you simply reboot, and presto!

  75. Jeff says:

    I tried everything from removing slui.exe to editing the registry. Your fix was the only one that worked.


  76. fonitsua says:

    A very simple way that worked for me is:
    Control Panel –> System Security –> Windows Updates.
    Then do a search for KB971033, if found simple delete it. Reboot. Done.

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