Internet Explorer Will Not Open

Spyware and Adware and Malware, oh my. Internet Explorer not loading for you is yet another thing that you can correctly blame on Spyware. If IE attempts to load, or acts like it does, but then nothing appears, it’s more than likely you have a Browser Help Object (BHO) that is tweaking your system. First off, you’ll need HijackThis. Second, you’ll need some HijackThis Help. Once you’ve got all that down, let’s continue.

Start HijackThis, click Scan. Scroll down through the list and make sure that everything looks kosher. The BHO section is the one that we will be spending a little time in. Be sure that everything in that section looks perfectly alright, and that you recognize it all. (Don’t know what everything is? Look it up with WinTasks.) If you run across an entry that you are suspicious of, then remove it. You can always get it back if it’s valid.

Keep in mind, the BHO does not necessarily have to be bad to prevent Internet Explorer from loading. Corrupted files or settings for the objects can wreak havoc with IE. Even the Yahoo! toolbar has caused IE to freak on me. If you don’t see anything that is bad, then start to remove the Browser Help Objects one by one, rebooting after each. Upon startup, attempt to open your browser. Once it finally does open, you’re done. More than likely, you’ll be able to reinstall the Helper that was in because it’ll get reinstalled with the correct files and settings.

Specifically, I’ve had this object prevent IE from opening:
O2 – BHO: WebBlinds – {4F92B827-1E56-4E30-A978-A17A7861A606} – C:\Program Files\Object Desktop\WebBlinds\WebBlinds.dll.
If you find that one, then be sure to remove it.

If even after removing all Browser Help Objects and the like does not allow IE to run, run sfc /scannow or try to do a repair install of IE.


  1. Gwen says:

    I have spyware on my computer. I cannot open internet explorer 6 I have to go to my documents to get on the internet. I keep getting error message cjmongf.dll and kernel32.dll errors. Some files and associated with an old version of compuserve. I cannot repair ie6 or install it. I get error in setup wbv.dll missing entry:IE6 maintenance. Can you please help me?

    Thank you.

  2. jaman says:

    my internet explorer doesnt open when i click on it a command prompt box flashes on the screen and thats it nothing else happends the only way i can access the internet is by right clicking on the explorer and run it as an administrater what is wrong?

  3. boyzs19 says:

    my pc got problem several days ago with generic process host win32, i browse internet a little and follow their sollution by deleting some thing inside the regedit..what i did was:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet-Services-NetBt-Parameters-TransportBindName-/Device/[delete it]
    EnableDCOM[change Y to N ]

    1 pop up started to showing after i did that at top of ie a yellow bar named snapview.ocx ask me to run and everytime i load it started loading this crazy website with what im searching for..for an example, i type at adress bar :,at the loading bar side it will keep showing loading
    and soon the ie will hang …some game programme i run will come out as microsoft debug..

    my house got 6 pcs and 6 also affected with the same problem and i tried format it but it will come out with the same thing…what should i do?and what the hell is this stupid

  4. luke says:

    my iexplorer won’t even open. I click it and it shows my cursor turn into a time glass and then back to the normal cursor and nothing ever shows up. Just the same with my utorrent.

  5. Allie says:

    my internet explorer will work “sometimes” when i start up my computer but if i exit out of it the website will open up then close automatically…what do i need to do to fix it?

  6. Allie says:

    my internet explorer will sometimes open up when i start up my computer but if i exit out of it it won’t open up unless i restart my computer…all it will do is open up then automatically close again, what should i do.

  7. Faizan Ahmed says:

    Hai luke i have alsoa same problem can u plz tell me wht u did to solve this problem

  8. cybersupam says:

    Exactly this is the solution in this case. I did accordingly as suggested here, n got the best result.
    My IE7 in xp was not starting properly or getting closed itself after a single flash, so I reached this page. Then so I scanned with Hijackthis, got 3 results as 02 BHO object n finally ‘fixed’ them under the options. After this the IE7 starts fine without trouble…everyone try at least once this method if u come across same problem.

  9. nups says:

    my internet explorer doesn’t open at all…
    by double clickin on it also it doesn’t giv any kind of response….
    currently i’m usin IE8….
    in windows xp…
    so help plllz……….

  10. estuardoc says:


    After a couple of tries, and about 2 hours of asking google and downloading softwares (ccleaner: cleaned up stuff but didn´t solve my internet explorer problem; RegCure: nothing, just a waste of time because you have to register; and finally HijackThis)
    I solved the problem with the last software, had to delete three BHO processes, the third one from mindmanager

    O2 – BHO: CmjBrowserHelperObject Object – {07A11D74-9D25-4fea-A833-8B0D76A5577A} – C:\Archivos de programa\Mindjet\MindManager 7\Mm7InternetExplorer.dll

    thanks a lot!

  11. jason says:

    Please help my ie8 is not opening.Please mail me at

  12. Tyler says:

    Hey, I have a Toshiba Lap top. It’s (Windows Vista x64) and about 4 days from now I got a internet update. So I clicked Install and it deleted my Internet to install the other one. It was half way done and it Failed. I restared my computer, shut down my computer, restored it back a week. And I check for viruses (no virus, did a full scan). And I dont know what happened. Right now I’m using Google Chrome. Its not my router cause I have full connection and im typing this now. I also created another account and another administrator and it didnt work. Please help me.

  13. Allen says:

    ok so none of my internet applications will open… ie7, firefox, aim, itunes, none of it.. ive tried hijack this, ive tried with and without firewall.. i have discovered that it does the same thing with or with out an actual internet connection so it has to be something with the applications themselves right?

  14. Sootah says:

    @Allen – Yes, this would indicate that there is a problem with either the applications or something is jacked with your Windows install. More than likely you’ve got some sort of virus infection that is preventing your computer from working properly. Or perhaps you have some other sort of issue like a hard drive starting to fail, or your registry is hosed.

    Of course, if the applications WILL open but simply won’t connect to anything, then there could simply be an issue with your Winsock settings. If the way that your IP stack tries to access the internet is jacked then nothing that connects to services online would work.

  15. aimee says:

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop and when I click Internet Explorer it says I do not have permission to do that. It’s always worked until 2 days a go. No I cant get on the internet at home, so I can’t download Hijack this. Any other options?

  16. Devin says:

    Add another admin account

  17. hemin says:

    hi I upgraded my windows from sp2 to sp3 and now i have a problem that none of the explore programs open on my pc like (IE8, firefox. googel chrom…etc) what should I do pls help

  18. Electric napkin says:

    ok ppl, just do what the guy says. honestly Hijack this runs perfectly, and if registry editing has been disabled, seach for “Registry enabling VBscript” some genius made a script that enables registry editing so its no longer a pain to do

  19. Nick Thedes says:

    Rename c:\windows\system32\drivers\ws2ifsl.sys to ws2ifsl.sys.old.

    Reboot your machine.

    Fixed it for several of our client’s computers.

  20. Wayne says:

    Nick’s rename of ws2ifsl.sys made my client’s PC not boot. Appears to be a bad idea.

  21. sunil chauhan says:

    sir Iam not able to open my computer internet explore even iam not able to open tools from its what should i do

  22. erika says:

    my computer looks very blocked and oldschool ! i have to click worpad than a box pops up and say open with and then i click internet thats the only way it’ll let me get on please help. Thank you.

  23. NITINKUMAR says:

    respected sir
    i want to all of networking troubleshuting tips with question and answer so please send me how to perform it with video

  24. tino says:

    hey guys, my computer runs windows xp, but any version of internet explorer does not work on my pc. i tried all the ways installing and even updating, but after installation it does not work though it is shown in the ‘Add or remove program list’. after installation even the ie icon is not displayed on my desktop. HOW to run it?? som1 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee HELPP!!!!

  25. steven says:

    i have a toshiba laptop with windows 7. as bad luck would have it my hard drive got lost out of it. i had another laptop just like it with other problems. i took the hard drive from it and installed it in the other. it came up fine but my internet explorer will not work. it says application no found. i really need to got to a website somewhere and burn a disk to fix it. please help

  26. nizar ali says:

    i have a problem on my computer. there is not open any programme or file.

  27. mohammad says:

    i have a problem on internet explorer is not open

  28. GUL SAYAR says:

    my internet explorer doesnt work, when i click on it it remains the same, and its not widow problem , because i have repair my window also, and now am using window xp 2009

  29. tracey says:

    my internet wil flash twice when i click on it and the 3rd time it will pop up but not load will then proceed to say its not responding please help as this is really frustrating me as i cant use my laptop

  30. nirmal says:

    my iexplorer won’t even open. I click it and it shows my cursor turn into a time glass and then back to the normal cursor and nothing ever shows up. Just the same with my utorrent.

  31. Susanne says:

    when i start up my computer my internet explorer sometimes will start up and sometime won’t how to fix it.

  32. Intro1 says:

    Hey isn’t this a Mocrosoft problem.?
    I took everything out of my puter and complete resroed it to factory settings
    and it worked just fine for about 10 minutes.
    then I installed a printer and I do not know if that has anything to do with it or not..
    but I keep getting message that IE cannot show the page.. and once I got a warning from something called Jump Cat… sounds like a virus has over taken us all, if you ask me.. Now how do we get rid of it.
    Conventional methods just do not work..
    I am going to go talk to Microsoft.. Good Luck to all. Intro1.

  33. Intro1 says:

    OKAY,Guess what ? I just installed Aol IE,
    Yes, I am on Aol… And so far..the last two hours I have had no problems with downloads..
    YIPEEE.Had to updated IE from a reliable source.Thanks.

  34. Nick says:

    How am I supposed to get highJackThis when I cant open the internet?? i dont have any other browser installed on my computer

  35. Kevin Souter says:

    Download it from another computer, copy to USB drive, then either run it from there or copy it from the flash drive over to the non-working computer. I’d also download a copy of Google Chrome or FireFox onto the USB drive from the other computer and install it on the one where IE isn’t working properly.

  36. Jordan says:

    I started using google chrome an wen my partner wanted to use youtube on enternet explorer it wont work can any body help please

  37. venu says:

    i have a problem in opening ie,firefox,chrome. but OPERA is working fine. actually ie,firefox,chrome are not opening,even after re installing both firefox,chrome, still NOT WORKING.

    please do needful in resolving this problem.

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