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Why Your Website Needs Email Marketing

For new websites, the time and effort to build a list of emails to market to can seem quite a difficult and Image result for email marketingdaunting task that will take a lot of time. However, if you provide great content to web users, then your email list will naturally grow with the inclusion of widgets to enable web users to sign up to email from your website.

The problem mainly comes from the fact that social media marketing seems to be a much easier and less time-consuming solution to reach your audience rather than email marketing. To some extent, this is true. However, there are a lot of things social media marketing cannot do for which email marketing can. Email marketing is not dead and, for a lot of high-end websites, is still a crucial element to the website. Here are some reasons why your website needs email marketing.



#1 Control and Gain Extra Traffic

The beauty of email marketing is that it will usually direct traffic back to your website. As much as social media marketing can do this, the likelihood that your audience will read a tweet or a Facebook post is, on the whole, less likely than that of reading an email.

For this reason, email marketing is a great way to control what traffic comes to your website and when.



#2 Best Way to Gain an Audience

Email marketing is far more personal way of contacting your audience than any of form of marketing due to the nature of an email being delivered to your target audience’s inbox. For this reason, it is a great way to build an audience and maintain it. You can gain an audience with social media platforms. However, as mentioned in #1, the conversion rate (being a click onto a link to your website) tends to be better through email marketing than social media marketing.



#3 The Foundations are already there

At first glance, this point does not make sense – don’t worry, I’ll explain. What is meant by the foundations already being there is that there are some brilliant and extremely effective email marketing platforms that will enable you to reach out to your audience in the best possible way. For example, the likes of MailChimp enables you to:

  • Have templates for emails to make them look nice.
  • Effective subscribe boxes for lead captures.
  • The ability to send emails at a certain local time for each subscriber, depending on where they are based in the world.

Compare this to the likes of social media marketing, and the possibilities of email marketing make it far more flexible than most other forms of marketing.


If you have not given email marketing a go, I would highly advise you to try it out, such as with a platform such as MailChimp (which is free up to 2,000 subscribers). From this, you can get to grips with just how effective email marketing can be and build upon your audience list.

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