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Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the Best Android Phone Ever

There has been big news in the technological industry as Samsung recently unveiled one of their latest flagship phones to go alongside the S7 and S7 Edge called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For those familiar with the Note range, they are flagship phones with the addition of a stylus to help jot done notes and more (hence the name ‘Note’). In the past, the Galaxy Note range tended to always be very good phones: not amazing, but good (to even excellent). However, things are different with the Note 7. The smartphone has completely changed the industry and has been dubbed the best Android smartphone ever and will be one, experts state, that even the next Apple iPhone 7 will not even be able to top. Here are the main reasons why there is so much hype for Samsung’s new phone.

  1. The design – In keeping with the S7 and S7 Edge, the design is very premium using corner to corner Gorilla Glass 3 with metal above and below the screen.
  2. 5.7″ AMO-LED screen – AMO-LED is the screen to have on a smartphone with deeper blacks (since it can turn individual pixels off) and much brighter whites. The Note 7 has perhaps the most stunning screen ever on a smartphone.
  3. S Pen – Samsung’s note taking device is back with more features than ever. In the past, some of the features were a bit overkill for the S Pen. However, this time round, there are a lot of features that many people will find useful to use on a daily basis.
  4. An Iris scanner – Being the first smartphone to ever have such technology, the Iris scanner scans your eyes using the front camera to unlock the device for you, much like the fingerprint scanner does on devices but, apparently, 100 times more secure.
  5. Waterproof – The whole phone is completely IP68 waterproof that is even the S Pen! This is a feature which will really set aside the Note 7 to any Apple device or leading Android device.
  6. USB Type-C – The Note 7 is also the first smartphone by Samsung to adopt the new port from micro USB to USB Type-C promising quicker charging times and flexibility with what way the adaptor goes into the phone. The future has come to Samsung.
  7. Micro-SD expansion – The Note 7 allows users to expand the internal storage up to a crazy 256GB. Since Android OS now allows micro SD storage to be treated like internal storage, this is really great news.
  8. HDR display – I have already spoken about the beautiful AMO-LED display. This is made even better with the first smartphone to feature a HDR display that is only coming onto high end TVs now! This enables colours to look much more accurate to real life.

Ultimately, this is the ultimate smartphone. However, it will come at a hefty price. But, if you are lucky enough to have such money lying around, you will definitely not regret purchasing the Note 7.

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