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Why Tesla Cars Are So Popular

Although it might not seem like it at the moment, the future of the automotive industry relies on electric vehicles. There are many reasons for this and, to some extent, Tesla is part of that reason. A company that first launched onto the scene in 2003 and have only produced three models to date, it does seem slightly strange how one car manufacturer can generate so much hype among consumers and so much panic among OEMs. However, there are reasons for this and there are reasons why Tesla, on the whole, are an extremely popular car brand. Here are these main reasons.



#1 They Look Great

Electric cars have generated a look, over the years, of ‘oh, that is an electric car and is uncool’. Some Image result for tesla carsexamples of this is the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf.

However, with Tesla, they wanted to remove this stereotype with electric cars and you know they have achieved this from simply looking at the cars. They are sharp, sporty and look very appealing to consumers.



#1 Seriously Quick

Part of the reason why electric cars sometimes come across as uncool is the fact they have awful performance…not with Tesla. Considering the fact that every one of their cars does 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds easy and the Tesla Model S introduced a ‘ludicrous mode’ (yes, they really called it that), in 2.5 seconds and making it the quickest sedan ever, that is something that is jaw-droppingly amazing and who would not want to own such a car?



#2 Great Range

Along with their performance, you would expect that they would have a range of 100 miles, which seems to be the market standard at the moment for electric vehicles. However, this is not the case again with Tesla. The new P100D has a predicted range of 381 miles which is, pretty much, the same as many internal combustion engines! It is truly staggering the technology in Tesla cars which enable the batteries to hold so much energy in dense packaging.



#3 Self Driving Technology

All new Tesla models from now on will be equipped and manufactured with hardware to enable self driving. The software is not yet there, but the hardware is. For many consumers, this is extremely exciting to know the car they are going to buy now will one day drive them around, when they want.



Ultimately, the hype around Tesla as a brand is completely valid. They have completely changed the electric vehicle market and illustrated to OEMs that electric cars can be cool, fast, have a great range, great technology and completely and utterly clean to the environment. It is a vehicle which, if everyone owned, would simply change the world as we know it. That is why it is exciting and that is why Tesla is so popular.

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