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What to Expect with Virtual Reality in 2018

Virtual reality is an exciting technology that is still relatively new, being only a few years old. A headset Image result for htc vive prothat users can wear which transport them to any realm or game is something that has revolutionized gaming. Already, there are VR headsets to turn a smartphone into a VR headset. There is the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR all adding to this emerging market.

The buzz behind virtual reality, though, has seemingly reduce in the past year as the headsets have not improved but simply fallen in price, as does most technology. However, already we have seen upgrades to virtual reality headsets in 2018. Therefore, what can we expect from virtual reality in 2018?



HTC Vive Pro

HTC released the Vive Pro at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, which brought with it a whole range of upgrades when compared to the predecessor, the HTC Vive. This included:

  • Wireless capabilities. With the help of an Intel WiGig adapter, it is possible for the HTV Vive Pro to remove all cables from it and work completely wirelessly – something that many people will love.
  • Comfier fit. VR is all about being comfortable to the user using it. The Vive Pro has a new fit which aims to be comfier to the user.
  • Higher resolution screen. A current limitation of VR headsets is that they currently have only 1080p screens, which is enough to notice a poor resolution when wearing headsets. The Vive Pro eradicates this problem through increasing the resolution of their screen.



What to Expect from VR in 2018

The price has not been announced yet, but it does make clear what we should expect from VR headsets in 2018. Here are some assumptions new VR headsets should have with them in 2018:

  • Higher resolution – We can expect VR headsets to have at least 2K and, hopefully, 4K resolutions.
  • Wireless – Just like the HTC Vive Pro, headsets can be made wireless when the right technology is incorporated with it.
  • Lighter and comfier – A problem with current headsets is that wearing them for prolong amounts of time can cause the user to get tired and discomfort, from wearing something heavy on their face. With technology becoming smaller and lighter, the headsets should be easier to wear, especially, like the HTC Vive Pro, where it has improved comfortability to the Vive.
  • Greater selection of games – There should be a huge investment for developers to start to produce games in VR mainstream. Such examples that, I am sure, a lot of people would be interested to purchase include Call of Duty and Fifa.

The future of VR is extremely bright. Is it the future of gaming like we have never seen before. Until augmented reality comes, do not be surprised to see more and more VR headsets hit the market with more and more games compatible with them.

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