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What is iMovie?

what is imovie

iMovie is an app to make high quality videos. You can download iMove on the Apple store.

When you want to edit your own videos and make them into a professional production, one of the best options is the iMovie app. Available for Mac (sorry PC users, you will need to find another alternative) iMovie allows you to browse through your video library, create high-definition movies and even make trailers.

The best part is that you can download iMovie for just $14.99 right from the Mac App Store.

What is iMovie?
An advanced app for Mac, iMovie allows you to create stunning movies using over 38 video effects. The app is simple to use and is packed with features needed to turn your amateur film-making into a masterpiece that looks like it was created by a true professional.

So, what great features does this app have? Let’s find out in our iMovie review.

iMovie Features
The following features are seen:

Browse and Share
From the moment you open this application, you will be able to begin using your video footage to make fantastic movies. This is done by allowing you to choose video browsing mode. From here, you will be able to import movies into the application. You can even choose to share a teaser clip or specified version with others.

Trailer Creation
Hollywood trailers are now at your fingertips. With iMovie, you can choose 29 different trailer templates. These templates are packed with professional graphics, allow you to add your own logo, and there is even a credits section to thank everyone that has helped with your production.
You will be able to add videos and photos to your trailer through animated drop zones.

Create Your Movie
There are 15 themes that will allow you to begin creating your movie instantly. All themes are packed with titles and transitions which you can further customize. You can add speed effects to make your video slow or fast, and drag and drop pictures or videos into the scene for 2 or 3 videos playing at once.
Audio can be adjusted using the sound wave dashboard, and you can connect to your iTunes library to add songs or sound effects as you see fit. There is built-in music that can be used as well.

You have complete control over your video. You can instantly click Enhance to enhance your video sound and visuals automatically. There are color controls, stabilizer enhancements for shaky videos and even zoom effects to really focus in on one portion of the film, such as a singer’s face.
There are 38 audio and video effects to choose from that will make your boring video into a stunning masterpiece. Every clip can be edited and fine-tuned separately.

what is imovie

iMovie allows you to share your movies across multiple social outlets.

Access and Sharing
You can access your movies from anywhere. You can use iCloud to connect to your devices, share clips, trailers and so much more. The program also allows you to email your movie, share it on Facebook, or upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

iMovie brings functionality and the utmost in video editing power to your fingertips, but it does not make it complicated. You can begin editing and creating your own videos and movies without in-depth editing or production knowledge.


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