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The Pros and Cons to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For the past 5-10 years, an area of technology that has been increasing in development, what seems likeImage result for ai at an exponential rate, is in artificial intelligence. In layman’s terms, this is a computer program that is so complex, it can have a conscious and think for itself, using machine learning to continually improve processes and more. As of now, artificial intelligence has only just hit the consumer market, albeit quite ‘dumbed’ down. This includes the likes of smart speakers, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and Cortana. There are also many AI machine learning platforms, such as Ezoic which they use to self-optimise advertising units on websites.

We have all seen Terminator and iRobot, where AI takes over the world. So, is AI good or bad? Here are the main pros and cons to artificial intelligence.



+ Boring Tasks Completed Quickly

There are a lot of tasks that humans have been doing for years they are very mundane and tedious. The great thing about AI is that it is possible for AI machines to take over the boring and mundane jobs. Most products are created with automation, with there even being autonomous cars as well driving around.



+ Less Errors

Due to the removal of humans doing trivial tasks, there is a significant reduction in the error that could happen if the human did the same task. For example, most smartphones and vehicles are made autonomously, and have extremely high quality when being manufactured and assembled.



– Removes Jobs

Although AI means that it can take over trivial jobs, it does also mean that jobs are lost to AI. Many of the unskilled workforce will struggle for work if AI can do it at the fraction of the price. Examples of this include self service checkouts at supermarkets and stores, which do not require a check out worker to scan the items and pay for your goods.

This brings forward the point that it is only the unskilled workers that are losing jobs at the moment. But, as AI becomes more intelligent, more and more skilled jobs will be given to AI.



– Controlling Judgement

A concern of Elon Musk, AI is scary in the sense that it can potentially think for itself. With this, who controls the judgement calls AI make? Is there an over-riding way to control AI? At the moment, there are no laws to regulate how AI is created, making it a very likely possibility that somebody creates AI so advanced that it could take over the world, or cause havoc, at least.


Ultimately, AI is an exciting technology that has the aim to make our lives easier and better. The problem is that with creating such advanced technology, there are going to be job losses and security problems that need to be managed in order for AI to work effectively for the benefit of the human race.

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