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The Process of Selling a Website or Blog

The internet is an exciting place to start up a new career. There have been hundreds of thousands, if not Image result for sell a websitemillions, of people that have created their own website to start off a career on the internet, making money from the traffic that lands onto their website.

However, there will always be a point when you will ask yourself ‘should I sell my website/blog?’ In these situations, there are no right or wrongs answers, since it is very personal and tailored to your specific needs. However, if you are unsure or want to sell your blog, here is a typical process of selling a website or blog, from doing just that myself.


#1 Do You Want To Sell?

As already mentioned, you need to make sure you want to sell your website. Some typical reasons for selling a website include:

  • Lack of interest – If you simply do not have any motivation for your website anymore, then it is wise to remove yourself completely from it.
  • Lack of time – Websites require maintenance from time to time to maintain their SEO, social media and more. If you are struggling to find the time to do even the most basic tasks, then it might be wise to sell.
  • Lack of money – Most websites are cash cows from the Boston matrix. They are worth a lot and generate a tidy income. Therefore, if you need an injection of cash into your life, you can do this, in exchange for selling ownership of your website and losing the monthly profit it would make.
  • Future concerns for website – An area which needs to be taken into consideration is how your website looks, in terms of its health, for the future. If the future is bright, then of course you should not sell it. However, if you can see problems and risks with the success of your website, it might be best to let someone else take on such risk and problems.


#2 Flippa it

Once you have decided to sell your website, the number one place to look to sell it is on Flippa – this is a marketplace designed entirely for websites, with auctions and the possibility to buy it now.

Flippa do a good job of making it easy to make a listing. However, you will need to provide some information such as:

  • Description of your website (how it makes money, what it is about, how it works etc.)
  • A background to yourself (to give sellers some confidence in the website)
  • Google Analytic access, to verify your traffic stats.
  • Verification of any monetization associated to the website.


#3 Transferring the Website

Once you have sold the website, all that is left is transferring it to the new owner.

The best way to do this is to find every account that you have for the website, and change the password to something different. From making a document that lists every account, username and password, you can then provide all of the necessary login details to change the account details to the new owner, as well as full access to the website. What the new owner does from this point on is not your concern, unless you have stated to provide support for ‘X’ amount of time after the sale etc.

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