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The Main Problem I Have with Blogger

When it comes to blogging online, there are mainly two blogging platforms the vast majority of bloggers Image result for bloggerchoose to use. They could go for WordPress which is an open source platform and very popular for businesses. The alternative is through Google’s free Blogger, allowing bloggers to create and run websites for free (excluding the price of registering a domain name). After having experience with both platforms, I have concluded that WordPress is the better platform and that you should always choose WordPress over Blogger (by that, I cannot think of a situation where Blogger is better than WordPress). With this, there are many reasons why WordPress is better than Blogger. However, I have one main problem with Blogger I would like to share with you.


Yes, Google’s Blogger is free and it is extremely easy to use. But, with this comes tradeoffs. As a blogger, you are likely to create a website that is going to be sellable to a market such as Flippa. Unless you are creating a personal blog, at some time or another, you could change your mind about running the website and selling it to a marketplace instead, for someone else to take over.

When it comes to the point of selling a website, Blogger really does not help sell your website. In fact, I would also say, for a website that I sold on the Blogger platform, if it was using the WordPress platform instead, it would have got at least double the price it sold for, easily.

So that is my biggest problem with Blogger – it doesn’t do well for your website’s valuation. But, why is this? Here are some possible reasons:

  • You don’t own/control the hosting – any content on a Blogger website is actually hosted by Google for free. This is great since it is cheap. But, it does also mean you don’t have control over your content as to where it is stored and the servers that run your website. Google is in complete control of that, which for new buyers of websites, they will not like.
  • Not easy to customize – there are websites out there which provide good Blogger themes to use. However, if you want to customize your website a little bit at a time, then it is pretty much impossible unless you are very good at HTML. WordPress, on the other hand, is an open platform so that anyone can create themes and plugins to improve and customize websites on the platform. New buyers of websites will like this more than Blogger.
  • Too ‘bloggery’ – although vague, a problem with Blogger is the fact that it is too much designed to help those looking to create personal blogs etc. If you want to run a business on Blogger, it looks very unprofessional to do so on the platform, almost like running a business using a scrap book rather than an Excel spreadsheet.

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