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Windows 7 Hosts File Ignored

windows 7 host file

Windows 7 has easily been the best version of the operating system to date, by far. While Vista came with plenty of quirks, Microsoft seems to have learned from the mistakes made and corrected many of them for their release of 7. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and the odd quirk where Windows 7 ignores its hosts file is a good ...

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How to Restore Windows 7 on an eMachine

From: Betty Subject: Windows 7 Recovery – eMachines W6409 A friend of my daughters accidentally erased my Windows 7 from my computer and I don’t have the disc for it! How can I recover it from my computer memory? Shouldn’t it be on my hard drive? Even so, I’m not too well computer savvy and don’t know how to retrieve it! How can I restore ...

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