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Should You Buy the OnePlus 5T?

Although the OnePlus 5 was only released back in June, OnePlus have already updated their flagship Image result for oneplus 5tsmartphone, in preparation for the holiday season. The OnePlus 5T was launched last week and has seemingly hit the ground running, with many people impressed with the smartphone, especially for the price it is compared to flagships from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google. However, should you buy it? Is it worth the money and what is so different about it? Here are the questions you are asking answered.



What’s Different with the OnePlus 5T?

The OnePlus 5T has some incremental changes made to it over the OnePlus. For example, secondary camera has been updated from a telephoto lens to f1.7 aperture camera, to improve the low-light performance of pictures. This does mean that the ‘portrait’ setting is not done thought the secondary camera but through software optimization to work out what part of the picture to blur. As well as this, the front facing camera can now do facial recognition, with early tests suggesting it is quicker than even Samsung’s S8 and Apple’s iPhone X.

But, the biggest change, by far, comes with the screen, which has been updated to a 18:9 ratio 1080p AMO-LED 6″ screen. This makes the phone in keeping with the ‘2017’ design for smartphones, which feature next to nothing bezels at the top and bottom and bezel-less around the sides. The fact the screen is still 1080p will please many people, since this will not cause battery performance to dwindle as is the case when the resolution of screens increase. This does mean the fingerprint sensor has moved to the back of the smartphone, in an ideal location for it to be used, unlike the Samsung S8.



Is it Worth the Money?

With one simple word, yes. This is the smartphone OnePlus wished they could have released in June but didn’t have the capability to do so. However, compare it to the iPhone X, S8, G6 and other flagships, and it has killer specs (possibly the best specs on the market) and undercuts most smartphones by hundreds of dollars.



Should you Buy it?

This question is still open for debate.

If you have a 2017 smartphone already, then it is not worth the upgrade, even if you own a OnePlus 5. The internals of the OnePlus 5 are exactly the same, which means you will not gain any performance boost from owning the OnePlus 5T.

If you have not upgraded to a smartphone of this year, then this is the smartphone to go for. This is the smartphone with flagship specs at a much cheaper price than others. For this reaosn, it is extremely hard to argue why Samsung and Apple smartphones are worth hundreds of dollars more, when the OnePlus 5T has the design, specs screen and performance to compete directly with them.

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