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OnePlus Release the Flagship Killer OnePlus 5

In the past week, OnePlus has finally unveiled, what most can probably argue is, their worst best secret Image result for oneplus 5for their iteration of what a flagship killer smartphone should be: the OnePlus 5. With this release comes all of the latest specs and more. However, is it still a flagship killer and worth purchasing? Here is everything you need to know about the new OnePlus 5.


Snapdragon 835

As expected, the OnePlus 5 rocks the latest processing chip from Qualcomm being the Snapdragon 835. There only a few phones that include this chip, such as the likes of the Samsung S8. But, the main thing you need to remember with OnePlus is that their operating system is very simple ontop of Android 7.1.1, to the point that it is nearly stock Android. For this reason, all tests which compare the speeds of the OnePlus 5 against the S8 actually illustrate that the OnePlus 5 is that bit quicker in just about everything it does.



6GB/8GB Ram

The entry 64GB model storage capacity will boast 6GB ram, whilst there is a 128GB storage option with 8GB. At the moment, this does seem a bit overkill. However, it is one way to future proof the phone for many years to come, enticing more people to buy this phone as a long term investment. When the OnePlus 3 came out with 6GB ram, people thought exactly the same thing as people are thinking with the ram of the OnePlus 5. However, look at smartphones now and most have 3-6GB of ram.



Dual Rear Camera

Just like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the OnePlus 5 comes with two rear cameras. One is a 16 megapixel camera with the other being 20 megapixel. With this, there is 2x optical zoom and the ability to blur out the background of pictures to focus on the subject, just like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus does. With this, the rear of the phone does take a lot of design cues from the iPhone 7 Plus.



Headphone Jack Stays

As expected, the headphone jack is still on the OnePlus 5, which will please many people. OnePlus is only a 3 year old company that is rather small. For this reason, it is easier for the company to listen to their core fans in terms of what they want and do not want on a smartphone – this could be a reason why they kept it.



3,300 mAh Battery

The battery on the OnePlus 5 is, in fact, 100mAh smaller than that on the OnePlus 3T. This will disappoint a lot of people, that want as large a battery in smartphones considering how power hungry they can be. However, OnePlus have stated that due to further software optimisations, the battery actually lasts even longer than the OnePlus 3T. If this is the case, then this will be pleasing news to everyone.




The OnePlus 5 is now priced slightly higher than when the 3T came out at $499. This is pushing the phone closer and closer to the flagships that it wants to undercut. However, looking at the features and design of the OnePlus 5, it is hard not to argue that it is still incredibly good value for money. For the money, there is no other phone quite as good.

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