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OnePlus 5 Review – One Week After Use

When OnePlus reveiled the OnePlus 5, there was a lot of hype surrounding this smartphone as anotherImage result for oneplus 5 top-spec flagship killer at an undercut price. As much as the OnePlus 5 delivered this verdict upon first impressions, the price was a little higher than the OnePlus 3T and the battery had slightly reduced to the 3T too. Therefore, it was a case of ‘this is a great phone, but it could have been that bit better’.

Put this aside, first impressions are notoriously prejudice. For this reason, to get a sense of what the OnePlus 5 is like, here is a review of the smartphone after using it for a solid week.


The first thing that jumped out about the phone is the design. It is ergonomic unlike the 3T with rounded corners and light in the hand for such a big smartphone. I chose to pay for the OnePlus official case to put on it, which can only be described as ‘Apple-ess’ in the quaility of the material, with micro-fibre lining on the inside of the case and a soft rubbery feel on the outside.

Talking of Apple, there was a lot of similarities to the back of the phone’s design to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Nobody can deny that they look very similar. However, what I found most apparent with the OnePlus 5 is that it is pretty much an iPhone 7 Plus in a lot of ways, but Android. That is the best way to describe the phone in one sentence.

It is like having an Android iPhone 7 Plus

I haven’t had one moment of lag and it has just been so easy to use: intuitive at times. For example, the gestures which allows you to open apps up without waking the phone really make apps much easier to reach quickly, such as Android Pay when out and about.

If you do not use the gestures, then the fingerprint sensor is one of, if not the, fastest sensor on the market period. It is lightning quick. It is almost so quick it is enough of a reason to buy the phone just for the speed of it. The same can be said for the lightning fast charging using dash charge.

The cameras on the back of smartphone are also very good. However, when compared to flagships from Apple, Samsung and Google, they are a little behind. The portait mode which blurrs out the background is very good. However, shutter speed decreases and you cannot set portrait as the default mode to take pictures. Therefore, although good, I do think most will stick to using the normal camera setting.

Moving onto the battery, being 100mAh smaller than the 3T, OnePlus claim that the battery life is, in fact, better than the 3T, for which I can agree to. If I charge the phone at 9am to 100% in the morning, I would be at around 30% by the night and that is with heavy heavy use – not bad at all.

Overall, this is a smartphone that is worth investing in. Too easy is it for people to buy cheap phones hoping they will last. The problem is that cheap phones never really last long. I bought this phone to last me at least two years, for which I think it will do easily…

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