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Must Have Games for Playstation VR

Virtual reality is something that is going to dominate 2018 gaming like we have never seen before. The Image result for playstation vrability to immerse yourself into any game is something that takes gaming to a whole new level. There are now even hyper-reality kits which allow you to interact with the real world, such as what The Void is doing right night.

With this in mind, a VR headset such as the Playstation VR is a great idea as a gift to give someone this Christmas. However, it is useless without using it with a good game! Here are some of the must have games you should purchase if you happen to have a Playstation VR.



Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is one of the few games which can be said to be suited entirely to VR. The possibility of sitting in a range of cars driving on some of the best circuits in the world is something that people have dreamed about for quite some time. But, now, we can do this in our living rooms.

If you were to get this, it would suit having a steering wheel and pedals to fully immerse yourself into the experience.



Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The problem with some VR games is that the VR capability was an ‘add on’ to the game, meaning there was not much VR content to it. With Resident Evil 7 Bio hazard, the whole game can be played in virtual reality, making it truly one of the best valued games on Playstation 4 at the moment. The game is extremely scary to play on a TV. Therefore, sticking the Playstation VR on and trying to play this game that way takes the game to a whole new level of reality.



Skyrim VR

When Skyrim was first released back in 2011, it took the world by a storm. The visual quality of the environment and size of it made it a game for anyone to be whatever they want and explore where ever they wanted to explore. With this in mind, it goes without saying that this game is completely made for VR. Having the capability to explore the world as you deem fit in virtual reality is something not many games can do to the same level as Skyrim, if at all.



Farpoint (with Playstation VR Aim Controller)

So we have looked at a racing, horror and world game. Now comes the first person shooter and it does not get much better than Farpoint. This is because Farpoint can work with the Playstation VR Aim controller, which is a virtual gun that you can use to aim down the sights and fire inside the game, whilst in virtual reality. For this reason, it truly makes Farpoint one of the best first person shooters money can buy at the moment.

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