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Must Have Features of Windows Laptop 2017

It is truly terrifying just how fast technology has come along in the last ten years. It was ten years ago the first Image result for dell xps 13iPhone was released. Now, Apple has released the iPhone X with a bezeless screen and specs inside to power such a screen.

The same can be said for laptops as well, where the functionality of laptops has greatly improved year on year. With this, here are some must have features you should look for in a laptop for 2017.

  • USB Type C Ports – There is a general progression from USB 3.0 ports to USB Type C. USB Type C ports are smaller and can do a whole lot more than the standard USB port, such as transferring files, charging, gaining internet connectivity and more.
  • PCIe SSD – When SSD was released to replace HDD, it revolutionized the speed of laptops and computers. The newest upgrade to SSD is PCIe, which can produce speeds up to four times quicker than SSD.
  • 1080p or 2k resolution – Depending on what you want from your laptop depends on what screen resolution you want. For example, a gamer or someone that performs a lot of video editing might want a 2k screen whereas a standard web browser user would only need a 1080p screen. With a 2k screen, though, comes an decreased battery life, of course.
  • 2-1 – There are a whole range of laptops that offer 2-1 capabilities, where the lid can fully flex to convert the whole laptop into tablet mode. Although many of these laptops are rarely used in full tablet model, it is useful being able to change the screen rotation to put the laptop into new positions to work with.
  • Infrared camera – Windows 10 offers facial recognition. However, to get this feature, your laptop will need an infrared camera.
  • Multi-touch touch pad – Windows 10 has some extremely useful features with their software, such four finger scroll to go between the different desktops that one might have open on their laptop.
  • 8GB or more of RAM – It is an absolute necessity to have 8GB of ram if you purchase a laptop this year. If you want to future proof the laptop, then 16GB is your best bet.
  • Intel Kaby Lake processor – Intel’s latest processors are more powerful than ever, providing unparalleled performance compared to the likes of AMD. With this, getting a laptop with, at least, an i5 or i7 processor is a necessity to fluid performance.
  • OLED display – Although most laptops still use LCD and LED displays, some laptops are starting to adopt OLED screens as the price of the technology reduces. OLED stands for organic light emitting diode and produces extremely vibrant colours with the ability to turn individual pixels off, to produce blackest of blacks.

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