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LG Release the Bezeless LG G7 ThinQ

When the LG G6 was released around a year ago, it had the aim to compete directly against iPhone 8 and Image result for lg g7 thinqSamsung S8. With thinner borders, waterproof design and a dual rear camera, it had the features to compete too, albeit the dated Snapdragon 821 at the time of the launch (where other flagships used the more modern and speedier 835). Improving on the G6, LG have released the G7, named as the LG G7 ThinQ. With this, here are the main features of LG’s new flagship smartphone of 2018.




The LG G7 ThinQ has a near-on bezeless design, with a minimal bezel at the bottom, invisible sides and a minimal bezel at the top. However, with regards to the top, it does have a…


iPhone X-like Notch

The LG G7 ThinQ has taken design ques from the likes of the iPhone X, where they have placed all of the main sensors in a notch at top of the front panel. What many consumers found annoying about the iPhone X was the fact that they could not hide the notch, with many people on the viewpoint that it was ugly. Luckily, with Android, it is possible to hide the notch by making the screen to either side of the notch black. However, it is not a ‘true’ black since the screen is an LCD panel and not OLED, as it is for many other flagship smartphones.



A 1,000 Lumens LCD Display

Although the display is not LED, OLED or AMOLED, the LCD display is still a strong performer, with ability to get extremely bright – 1,000+ lumens, putting it up there with being nearly as bright as the Samsung S9+.



Google Assistant Button

LG have added a dedicated Google Assistant button onto the LG G7 ThinQ, so that the Google Assistant is always accessible with a quick tap of the button. This is definitely a useful feature to have. However, many people have complained, just like with Samsung’s Bixby button, that the smartphone button should be customizable to the consumer’s choice.



Glass Design

The LG G7 ThinQ has a premium feel to it, all thanks to the glass design on both the front and back of the device. However, due to this, the smartphone is prone to finger prints.



Snapdragon 845

For some people, a major problem with the G6 was the fact that it adopted the previous generation Snapdragon chip, the 825, as opposed to the 835 that other smartphones being released at a similar time were using. LG claimed that they had optimized the software to suit the 825 chip. Yet, still it did not prove to be as quick as smartphones with the 835 chip.

To counter this, LG have gone with the most up to date chip, the 845, making sure that their smartphone is on parallel performance to other flagship smartphones.

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