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Is Your Website’s Traffic Down Over Christmas and the New Year?

As a website owner, there is nothing less productive than continually checking the traffic statistics of yourImage result for wordpress traffic drop website. When I first created a website, I think I must of checked several times a day, even sometimes looking at Google Analytics to see the live count of people on the website. Over time, I learnt that a check of once a day or every other day was all I really needed.

If you have checked your website’s traffic over the Christmas period, you would have found that your website’s traffic would have dropped quite considerably, in some cases between 20-70% – its quite a big range just from the past experiences I have had with traffic drops of the websites I’m involved with. For someone who is relatively new to blogging and managing a website, this can become quite a scare. I am here to tell you that it is extremely normal for this to happen.


Why does Traffic Drop over the Holiday Season?

The problem that occurs is that people are generally less online and productive over the holiday season. From past experience, the ‘holiday season’ refers to  around the 15th December to the 5th January. Reasons for people being less online includes:

  • Not at work – the Christmas period is a typical time for people to take time off work, to spend relaxing and with their family and friends.
  • Not by a computer – when people take time off work, they also tend to be less on their laptop/computer/tablet and instead out with family, friends and enjoying the build up to Christmas the New Year. Therefore, it is not just your website that is having less traffic, but the whole internet, including the number of Google searches there are.


What can we do?

To be quite frank, there is not much you can do to stop your website’s traffic reducing over the Christmas and New Year period. It happens yearly and should not make you panic, considering that traffic picks up again early January.

If you want to double check that there is nothing wrong with your website, it would be a good idea to look into Google search console and the ‘average position’ of your articles on Google. If the traffic drop was SEO related, you should see the average position of your results decrease. However, what you should find is that it does not reduce, signifying that it is not a problem with your website or its SEO but, in fact, a problem with the amount of searches, in general, that is causing the traffic drop.

What you will also find, which is good news, is that you might be making just as much money with less traffic during such a period in time than you do with more traffic before and after the period. This is because, if you are using PPC to monetize your website, the EPMV (earnings per 1,000 visitors) increases due to advertisers valuing traffic before and after Christmas more, since they are usually more likely to convert.

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