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How to Prepare Your Website for Christmas

With the holiday season approaching, it is that time of year when lots of holiday adverts are being Image result for christmas happyproduced/released and the rush for the holiday season is about to start. When this happens, most websites tend to not do anything for the holiday season and keep their website exactly the same throughout the whole period. As much as this is okay to do, it is worth preparing and changing your website to account for the different habits and frame of mind web users tend to have around the holiday season. After all, happy web users are much more beneficial to websites than unhappy web users! With this, here are some ways you can prepare and change your website in preparation for the holiday/Christmas season.



#1 Give Your Theme the Christmas Spirit

The first step to preparing your website for the holiday season is by adapting the theme slightly to incorporate a sense of Christmas into it. No matter if your website is hosted in Blogger or through WordPress, there are plugins and codes you can easily implement to add a Christmas spirit to your theme. Such examples include:

  • Snow around your logo
  • Snow animation coming down from the top of the screen
  • Changing the colours of your theme to that of Christmas (red, white and green).
  • Adding images of Christmas items throughout your theme.
  • Adding a Merry Christmas sign in the sidebar, as a widget.


#2 Focus on Social Media

Around the holiday season, the usage of social media tends to spike, as generally people communicate more around times when they think about friends and families. With this, it is a good idea to focus more on getting your website traffic to share posts on social media, since this will help for your traffic to spike from potentially going viral. This can be done by including social media buttons on your articles/content as well as having a call to action at the start/end of your content to share your content on social media.



#3 Give Something Back

Christmas and the holiday season is not just about friends and families, but providing a little joy in people’s lives to show a little love. For many, this could mean giving to charity. For website’s, having something such as ‘every visitor that visits the website from now to Christmas, 0.01p will be donated to ___ charity’ will work to provide a brilliant message to your audience, as well as make you feel a little better during the run-up to Christmas. Another thing could be by providing some sort of competition where you can win a prize of some sort. Either way, giving something back to your audience will work wonders in generating good brand awareness for your website, increasing the likelihood of returning visitors.

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