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How to Manage a Website Business

For many people, starting up a website can be seen as a part-time hobby. However, there are those that Image result for project managementlook to create a website with the sole intention of turning it into a successful business.

No matter what type of business your website is looking into, there are a few great ways and management methodologies you can use to help effectively manage your business, so that you reach the targets you set yourself and maintain a successful business.




PRINCE2 is a well known management methodology that is used worldwide as a way of managing a business. It has a general focus on business justification, organisational structure, dividing a business project into stages and on flexibility to the business project in question.

For this reason, if you have a website business that has a complex hierarchy of employees and would like to keep things well documented, it would be worth looking into PRINCE2 to manage your website business and its projects.




AGILE, ultimately, is a different methodology that works around making incremental changes to achieve a business project aim. For myself and my website businesses, I tend to find this works well alongside Waterfall.

Where AGILE works really well is in its flexibility and freedom for employees to achieve goals set. For example, it is common for projects of websites to have weekly/two-weekly meetings to set out work load for that coming week. Although there is an ultimately goal and set of objectives to achieve, the way AGILE work is by breaking up the task into manageable weekly/two-weekly stints.

This can work really well for a website business, where you concentrate on a set part of your website every week/two weeks such as the website theme, social media integration, content delivery etc.




Waterfall is a management methodology that works around the concept of completing tasks from start to finish, one after the other. For this reason, Waterfall works best when you have a small organisation for a website business or are a software developer – since creating websites consists of a lot of software and tweaks, then Waterfall can work very well for website businesses. Once you complete one task with your website, you do another, and then another and so on…


Ultimately, choosing a management methodology for starting a website or running a website business might seem like a complete waste of time, for which I can understand such a point of view. However, after reading up on one and implementing such a methodology can significantly improve the productivity of your workforce, as well as making sure your website business runs smoothly and hits all of the goals you want to set out and achieve with it.

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