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How to Increase Engagement of Your Blog Posts

Writing great blog posts is truly an art in itself. You could have the best knowledge about a certain Image result for blog post engagementsubject. However, depending on the way it comes across in your blog post/articles online, you may struggle to entice the web user and engage them both with the content, sharing the content and commenting on it too.

This is a big concern for many, since getting a high level of engagement is a big factor to the success of a blog. Everyone craves people to share articles and comment on them too, especially since these both do actually contribute to the SEO of your blog post and website as a whole. For this reason, here are some ways you can increase the engagement level web users have with your blog posts.



Make sure your Audience knows how you can help them

A critical element to engagement is making sure that web users that land onto a blog post understand completely how you are going to help them. If they do not know how you are going to help them, they are likely to exit the page.

This can be done by including how you are going to help your audience in areas of your blog such as in the ‘About’ page or in the Author Bio, either at the end of the content or in the sidebar.



Reveal your Secrets to your Audience

Gaining the trust of someone online is hard enough as it is. But, engagement of blog posts is related to the trust the web user has with you as a blogger.

One way you can gain the trust of the web user is through revealing secrets in your blog posts that only you would ever know. Such secrets should benefit the web user so that it gives off the impression that you are doing the web user a favor and entrusting them with your secret. Such examples could include revealing your website’s stats to the web user to show how ‘such and such’ you did made a huge change to your website’s traffic.



Publish Different Types of Content

Although the vast majority of content that bloggers post is in the form of content blog posts, this should not stop you from posting other forms of content. For example, you could also post:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews with other bloggers

Posting different types of content will also make your blog more interesting, since the way the web user can digest information is in a range of formats. Some people like reading content, some like reading infographics whilst others might only like watching videos.

I have found interviews particularly useful in the past, since a lot of bloggers blog about what they think is useful. However, from having an interview with a blogger, only then can the questions web users truly want to know can be answered. Interviews also give off a great conversational tone which is usually continued with lots of comments by web users.

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