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Here are all of the Latest iPhone 8 Rumours

Rumours surrounding Apple’s next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, are seriously starting to pick up Image result for iphone 8 marques brownleemomentum. After all, it was back in 2007, a good ten years ago, that Steve Jobs first unveiled the original iPhone that would change the smartphone market forever. Ten years later and everyone knows that Apple are going to really step up their game, both to compete against the likes of Samsung, LG and OnePlus as well as celebrating the ten year aniversary of the iPhone.

With this, here are all of the latest and best rumours surrounding the release of the iPhone 8, with a comment about how likely this will happen.

  • Radical new design – In keeping with the likes of the Samsung S8 and LG G6, the iPhone 8 will adopt a radical new design to have a huge screen to front area ratio. This is achieved by removng the home button and having a screen that wraps around the top sensors of the front of the phone, as the above picture illustrates.
    • Will it happen? Definately. Apple has to get rid of the home button and increase the size of the screen, since this is the biggest trend for smartphones in 2017.
  • Wireless charging – The new iPhone will adopt wireless charging for the first time.
    • Will it happen? Possibly. Wireless charging is a technology that has been around for quite some time on Android smartphones, but has not really taken off as it should. Lacking charging speed and the added tech is needed inside phones to adopt wireless charging, many OEMs didn’t and don’t see the need for it (especially when the likes of OnePlus can nearly full charge a smartphone within half an hour). If Apple does implement wireless charging, you know they will get it right, though.
  • Glass body, front and back – The new iPhone will remove the aluminium feel of the iPhone 7 and replace it with glass, similar to what we saw on the iPhone 4 when it was released.
    • Will it happen? 50/50. The latest renders of how the iPhone will look seem to suggest that a glass body will suit the new radical design. However, it is perfectly possible for the iPhone 8 to look similar to the iPhone 7 from the back.
  • Fingerprint sensor on the back – With the removal of the home button on the front, there are rumours that the fingerprint will be moved to the back of the smartphone, much like LG and Samsung have done. As well as this, there are rumours of facial recognition software, just like with the Samsung S8, to provide quick unlocks from glancing at the front of the phone.
    • Will it happen? Probably not. Apple are not a company that will likely compromise features and that is exactly what would be happening if they moved the fingerprint to the back. It is more likely Apple will replace the fingerprint with facial recognition. However, there is a very slight possibility that Apple could have the embedded touch ID on the front of the smartphone, into the screen (but more likely to be released next year).

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