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Four Things to Do When You Publish New Content Online

For a blogger publishing content online, it can be quite easy to assume that once you have published theImage result for publish content for the world to see, that is it – there is nothing more you have to do. However, the reality is far from it. Truth of the matter is that there are some key things you can do to make sure your content gets maximum exposure after you publish it on your website. With this, here are four things to do when you publish new content online.



It’s a little cheeky to put this point in. However, there are still people on the internet that do not proof read the work they create before publishing it online. If you have just published your content and have forgotten to proof read it, now is a better time than ever to do just that.


SEO Check

This pointer is also a little cheeky but a necessity for content. It is important to the organic health and SEO of your content that you perform some fundamental SEO checks on it. If you have a SEO plugin for WordPress that does this, great. If not, make sure you have included:

  • A suitable meta title
  • A suitable meta description
  • A suitable slug for the article
  • Use headings, preferably 1-3
  • 100-200 paragraphs at a time
  • Include images, with titles, captions and alt text to them
  • Have articles/content of at least 1,000 words long
  • Have around 1-2 internal linking keywords per 500 words

From doing this, you will help the article rank higher on search engine results such as Google, increasing the organic traffic it recieves.


Share Socially

The first step after publishing your content is to make sure it is shared with all of the major social media platforms. This includes namely:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn (if applicable as a business)
  • Google +
  • Instagram (if applicable with an image)

From doing this, you will have expanded your content to become viral if it gets the right social shares on the platforms you share it with, acting as a catalyst to increasing the traffic to your content.


Check the Content on the Website

Just like you proof read the content before it is published, it is vital to make sure the content looks good¬†once it is actually on your website – it is one thing to see your content in an editor and another to see it embedded into your website’s theme and template.

With this, you may find that some of the header’s are bold when they should not be. A typical error I find is that the spacing between paragraphs are either too large or too small – from checking the content on the website, you can erradicate such problems.

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