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First Impressions of the iPhone 7 – Gamble from Apple?

So it’s September and the keynote speech by Apple to release their new flagship phone, the iPhone 7, has Image result for iphone 7just happened this past week. With the likes of Samsung struggling with battery flaws in their flagship smartphone, the Note 7, never has it been a better time for Apple to step up to the plate and obliterate all competition from Android devices. Have they done this with the iPhone 7? Here are some first impressions of the iPhone 7 which, ultimately, makes people uneasy about Apple’s new smartphone.



No Headphone jack

Apple is a daring company which start trends in the tech industry. The iPhone was their first, then there was the iPad, the first retina display, the first fingerprint reader on a phone – the list can go on. For 2017, they have decided to remove the headphone jack in a bid to make the phone thinner.

Now, this does come with some positives. As already mentioned, the phone can now be made thinner and the speaker system in the iPhone is now the best it’s ever been with stereo speakers. However, is the headphone jack something people can live without? I am not sure and I am not sure about Apple’s new wireless headphones either – they really do look ‘lose-able’ if that is a word…


Dual Camera

** Note ** This is only for the iPhone 7 Plus, not the iPhone 7 (not sure why but nevertheless)…

The dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is looking to revolutionise how people take pictures with their smartphones. The dual camera enables pictures to be taken, almost as good as an DLSR camera, where the focus of the picture can be sharp and the rest of the picture blurred out. As expected, this is going to be the best camera setup on an iPhone and, potentially, of any smartphone out there.

It’s just a shame it is not on the iPhone 7 as well…



Splash and Water Resistant

This feature is definitely due to the fact Samsung smartphones, Apple’s main competitors, have waterproof phones. By making the iPhone splash and water resistant will defiantly be a huge plus point to the new iPhone, as it makes the iPhone that bit more durable – considering the majority of people will drop their phone somewhere wet, it is a nice to have feature to know you won’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to replace an iPhone because it got a little damp!


Of course, alongside these new features, there is a brighter screen, faster processer, better home button and a new jet black finish. But, ultimately, is it worth getting? I like everything Apple has innovated on the iPhone 7 except the headphone jack removal. I just think it is a tad too soon to remove such a connection from a smartphone especially with the majority of headphone manufacturers still producing and selling AUX connection: even Dr Dre beats are. Yes, there is a thunderbolt to AUX connection. However, that means every time you want to listen to music with a AUX lead, you need to lug around an additional cable to make that possible? For me, it does not make sense. But, we will find out what the rest of the world thinks in the next few first months of the iPhone being on sale and bought.

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