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Ezoic Adsense Partner – Should You Use Them?

For the vast majority of websites out there, the number one way they make money is through display Image result for ezoicadverts in different areas of their website, with the intention to get noticed by the web user and clicked on. Pay per click advertising has been around for more than a decade and the number one program website owners use is Adsense, simply because they will make websites the most money in the vast majority of times.

However, is this strictly true? There is a program that has caught my eye which can potentially increase your earnings ten fold when used correctly. The program I am talking about is Ezoic.


What is Ezoic?

At its core, Ezoic is an Adsense partner which does all the testing for you so you do not have to do it yourself. In the olden days, if you wanted to increase your earnings from Adsense, you would have to test adverts manually which takes up valuable time (and, how reliable are the results)? Ezoic automatically tests a huge number of different advert sizes, locations, colours and even with different website themes to earn you the most amount of money. Once it has found a format of adverts that monetizes your website the best, it does not stop there. It is constantly learning and testing to continually provide the optimum revenue for your website based on your traffic and time of year.


What more, Ezoic can work with other advertising partners such as Chitka, Media.net, Infolinks and more to enable you to be open to the largest pool of advertising networks as possible. Again, this is all tested to work out which platform is best for your website.



Should You Use It?

At first, I was unsure with Ezoic. I started with one website and allowed them to change the theme, which really looked quite awful – I thought how on earth could they think this was an improvement upon my previously optimised design?

That was quite a long time ago. Since then, I am not using Ezoic to test on a different website, only allowing them to test adverts and not the themes this time. What can I say about the results? Let’s just say that within days, my revenue has pretty much quadrupled and this is before Ezoic have found the best set of adverts with their locations for my website!


Ultimately, if you have the chance to Ezoic, I would definitely give them a go for around a month and see how the results vary as opposed to Adsense. If you are getting the results but don’t like what you are seeing on your website (such as more adverts in worse places), you can always tell Ezoic to go for user experience rather than the optimum revenue. For this reason, you are always in control with Ezoic, which many people will love.

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