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3 Exciting Nintendo Switch Games For the Future

It’s already been a year that the Nintendo Switch has been out there and it is safe to say that it shocked Image result for nintendo switcheveryone how successful the games console has become. Even though it has many drawbacks, such as the 720p screen, poor battery life and a low selection of games compared to Sony and Microsoft, the fact it can ‘switch’ between tablet mode and the big screen, as well as games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, has made it one of the best console/game combination we have ever seen. For this reason, 2018 is a hugely exciting year for the Nintendo Switch as many more games are released. With this, here are some potentially exciting games that should be released onto the Switch in the coming future.



#1 Pokemon

Another Nintendo classic, we have seen Zelda and Mario make debuts onto the Switch – it is now the turn of Pokemon to do the same.

However, with Pokemon, we can imagine that the world produced will be something similar to Zelda. If we do see a Pokemon similar to the design of Zelda, then it is a very exciting game that will do very well for the Switch.



#2 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Although we can pretty much guarantee that it will not be called Breathe of the Wild 2, we can expect a new Zelda game to come out this year, based on the huge praise the first Zelda game onto the Switch got. Nintendo would be crazy to not want to roll out the next Zelda game as soon as possible, since they can guarantee every Switch owner will buy it if it is anything similar to Breath of the Wild.



#3 Call of Duty

When the Nintendo Switch was first released, the Call of Duty franchise decided to not launch a game for the new console, stating that it would take far too much effort, time and money to get the next-gen game onto a Switch. As well as this, they simply said it did not have the power to handle such a graphics-heavy game.

But, since the release of the Switch, nobody could have predicted just how well the Switch would have sold. With this, Call of Duty should be looking to make a game, even a standalone game just for the Switch, since it is a huge market which is being untouched (first person shooters on the Switch).


Even without the addition of such games to 2018, the Nintendo Switch is still a must have console and delivers something that no other console can: portable Nintendo best selling games. For this reason, if you want to have a games console that you will fall in love with, the Switch is your only option. If the above three games come out this year, it will be an even more dominated year for the Switch.

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