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How to Restore Windows 7 on an eMachine

eMachines_System_Restore_IconFrom: Betty

Subject: Windows 7 Recovery – eMachines W6409
A friend of my daughters accidentally erased my Windows 7 from my computer and I don’t have the disc for it! How can I recover it from my computer memory? Shouldn’t it be on my hard drive? Even so, I’m not too well computer savvy and don’t know how to retrieve it! How can I restore Windows 7 on my eMachine?

It’s actually quite easy to get to the recovery partition on most eMachines. Your W6409 should be no different, according to the manual.



Power on or reboot your computer. Press F11 when you see the prompt text on the bottom of of the screen when it gets to the POST screen. (Or simply reboot the machine and keep pressing F11 repeatedly until the Windows 7 system restore process starts)


Choose the type of system restore you’d like to perform. The choices include –

  1. Non-Destructive System Restore – This recovers the operating system, all programs, and drivers that were installed by default. Any files currently on the computer should not be damaged by this process. (Meaning that you get to keep all of your documents, pictures, videos, etc when using this option.
  2. Full System Restore (Destructive) – Formats the hard drive and restores Windows 7 and all of the default system software/drivers. All data on the hard drive will be lost, so be sure to back everything that you want to keep up first!
  3. Full System Restore (With Backup [Advanced Option]) – Moves the contents of the hard drive to the C:My Backup folder and installs a new copy of Windows. All of your existing data will be saved using this option, but any non-factory standard programs will need to be reinstalled. At least 4GB of hard drive space is required for this.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the system restore process.

Betty, in your case you’ll likely need to do the destructive full system restore because your OS is hosed and you can’t boot to it in order to backup your files. However, do keep in mind that depending on what your daughter’s friend did to erase the OS there may actually still be files that you can recover stored on your hard drive. In order to get to them though you’ll need to either yank the hard drive out and hook it up to another machine, or boot to a Bart PE disc and copy the files to a flash drive. You could also try the non-destructive full system restore as well, but I cannot guarantee how well that will work.

For reference, below are excerpts from the eMachines W6409 Manual .PDF I linked to above. The following two give the instructions for using the hard drive recovery partition.



And finally, how to use the Windows 7 eMachine recovery discs –


Does anybody else out there have an eMachines computer and have had to use the eMachine recovery process? Tell us about your experience with it!

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  • Ronald

    Hah you have perfect timing with posting this! My eMachines computer EL1331-03 just broke and I need to restore the OS!

    Thank you!!!!

  • Betty

    Well, Kevin, first let me thank you for helping me! I’ve copied everything you’ve told me to do in case (my biggest fear) lose everything and won’t know how to get my computer back up!

    But before I start I wanted to send what you’ve sent me to a friend of mine who is right up there with you guys! He works for a Computer Software Co. In fact, he’s one of their best. He’s helped to design computer programs for the military! So I’m sure he’d love seeing what you guys have come up with!!

    Will contact you after he’s looked over everything for me!

    Thanks Kevin!

  • Betty

    RE: Windows 7 recovery

    Hello Kevin!

    What you sent me was awesome…BUT..I have one little mix up. I did start out with Windows XP! After accidently erasing my Windows XP he tried to fix it AND wanted to make up for it, by getting me this Windows 7 for me instead! SO… Can I still use this remedy? I like Windows 7 but if I have no choice but to go with my original Windows XP then… I guess I gotta! Huh?!

    So can you still help me? I would greatly appreciate it! As it is now, I cannot upgrade anything on Windows 7 ! ugh!

    Please be my HERO and HELP ME!!!

    I truly appreciate you!!


  • http://www.tweaksforgeeks.com Kevin Souter

    You have a couple of options still. If your friend can send you the license key for the Windows 7 copy that he got you then you could simply download a copy of the W7 disc via a BitTorrent client (such as uTorrent), burn it to a DVD, and do a standard install that way; or if you can’t get ahold of the license key then throwing XP back on there would at least get you up and running for the time being.

  • leann

    is there a website i can reboot my laptop emachine e640 for free as i accidentally erased everythin and cant get on anything nw :( 1 of my friends tryed downloading windows 7 back onto it but it didnt take so nw i cant even restore my laptop

    sone1 help please :(

  • Paula Nichelson

    My computer is emachines E725. I has the folling post on a black screen.
    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)
    Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

    For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v1.0.0.5(01/22/09)

    Check cable connection..!
    PXE-E63: Error while initializing the NIC
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
    No bootalbe device — insert boot disk and press any key

    This is greek to me. Can you help me?
    Thank you,

  • asia henry

    hi ive been try to restore my computer cus my sound went out but i dont kno what to do i have an emachines el1200 and i have windows xp.when booting uo and i press f11 nothing happens and ive tried touse the recovery cd but that dosent works either i just reinstal windows xp…please help me

  • rick

    my daughter has an emachine 725 laptop , hard drive went , wont work for nuttin , i conctacted emachine , bought the discs to put win 7 back on it like it came ,, it loads but sez at the end , cannot ru on this system ,, i got system cd , 3 recovery cd’s , and a language cd , what the hell its not workin non destructive or destructive , its a bare bones wd hd,,, if its was xp i would no what to do , 7 , im lost

  • Claribel

    I have an emachines 1352g-41w computer, and I accidentally installed the wrong drivers. So I can’t see anything on the monitor anymore. I can’t even boot into safe mode because the screen is all black and I’m not sure what to do anymore. I don’t have a recovery disc and i would try to do the full system restore (destructive) but again, I can’t see anything. Can someone please help?

  • http://www.vivitech.co.uk/ Ali

    My eMachines CM350 failed to boot because of bad sectors on the hard drive. I used HDD Regenerator 2011 and created a bootable USB drive, this scanned and repaired all the bad sectors. Now I have access to all my data again.

  • Lakea

    Hello I have an emachine model w3653a. I would like to know if I could use this download and would it work for my computer model?

  • dewayne

    tryed the f11 and dose not work on my el 1352g

  • Scott

    I have done everything here….Hit F-11 BEFORE Windows starts and it takes forever for emachines Recovery management to come up, (Says: Please wait a moment) about 55-60 Minutes, or more.

    Then, there is the problem of the OPTIONS I see listed, like above, they ARE NOT highlighted for me other than,
    an Arrow and EXIT is highlighted. Thanks

    I even bought 4 Recovery CD Discs (The set),from EMACHINES also, w/ hopes of attempting to use them. Can’t get this dang thing to work. HELP!

    WIN7- 64Bit -EL1331-05 (Less than three years old)

  • Darrel


    It keeps restarting right after the windows! If anyone has a restore Disc Please send it my way or atlease maybe if someone has the key for windows 7 to be restored maybe that will fix the issue? Please give me some advise?

  • xian

    i got an d644, please help, same issue. f11 does not work. :(

  • John

    Thanks for the steps! I’ll definitely try these steps to get windows 7 on my e Machine.