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Composing The Perfect Clickable Tweet

When it comes to gaining traffic online, there are many sources you can go for. Most people choose SEO or PPC while others tend to stick to social marketing. With social marketing, to use media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote and gain traffic and sometimes be quite tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Twitter works very simply by composing a tweet and for followers to see that tweet (and also potentially Twitter users that searched for similar things to that tweet such as the same hashtag). Therefore, to make sure you are taking full advantage of Twitter as a marketing source, here are a few ways you can make sure you create the perfect clickable tweet.



Get As Many To View Your Tweet

The first step to success is to make sure as many people as possibly get to view your tweet. This can be done by:

  • Having a large follower number.
  • Getting your tweet retweeted.
  • Starting a conversation with replies with others with followers.

Each of the above requires work to achieve. So, if you want to increase the viewers of your tweet quickly, the easiest way is to use #hashtags. Hashtags enable anyone who uses that hashtag to see your tweet. Therefore, find out what is trending at the time you want to write your tweet and try to incorporate one or two (maximum) hashtags at the end of your tweet.



Increase Engagement With Your Tweet

Once you have many people viewing your tweet, the next step is to get the viewers to engage and read your tweet because if this does not happen, your tweet will not convert anything.

When it comes to getting people to engage, I tend to find those that messages around 80-120 characters long work the best. Below 80 and you have not got enough characters to advertise. Beyond 120 and you will be going too much in detail and will not be leaving enough room for your link to fit into the tweet. As well as this, images work great because there is always the saying that an image has the potential to be worth a thousand words.



Convert The Engagers

(Before you ask, yes I know ‘engagers’ is not a word)

Once you have people engaging with your tweet, you need to make sure your tweet is enticing enough to get the traffic to click onto your link and visit your landing page. There are a few ways you can get people to engage with your tweet better so that it ends with a conversion:

  • Do not sound like a robot. People love talking to other people online and hate automated replies and robotic conversations and tweets.
  • Do not oversell the tweet. You want the traffic to convert naturally: overselling and almost forcing the traffic to convert can work against tweets the majority of times.
  • Ask a question. If you ask a question, you are leaving the Twitter user in a situation where if s/he ignored the tweet, s/he will never know the answer. So, it encourages them to click onto the link to found out the answer to the question you asked in the tweet.

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