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Facebook Privacy: How to Deny Unwanted Applications Access to Your Personal Data

There has been a lot of controversy recently over privacy issues concerning Facebook. Whilst the social networking giant has taken some small steps to remedy these concerns, with improved privacy settings and more information available to users, this in itself may not be enough. What Facebook has not disclosed to its users are the big privacy issues that concern […]

Restore Dell Inspiron Mini 10 to Factory Settings

If you want the solution, on how to restore your dell Inspiron mini 10 without the background information –feel free to skip to the bottom of the article for the solution. Instructions for PC Restore on Dell Inspirion Mini 10 Don’t Work If like me you’ve purchased a Dell Inspiron mini and you’re looking to perform a factory […]

eMachines System Recovery – Restore Windows 7 From The Recovery Partition on a eMachines W6409

From: Betty Subject: Windows 7 Recovery – eMachines W6409 Message: A friend of my daughters accidently erased my Windows 7 from my computer and I don’t have the disc for it! How can I recover it from my computer memory? Shouldn’t it be on my hard drive? Even so, I’m not too well computer savy […]

Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 keeps rebooting after update to OS

Recently I wirelessly updated my Verizon Blackberry Tour to the new OS version that was officially released. The update itself took a considerable amount of time; the setup text suggested that it may take a couple of hours to complete which at the time I figured was a rather extreme estimation. As it turned out, it […]

HELP. . . . . ABOUT:BLANK keeps showing up on my browser and doesn’t let me get to web sites. What do I do?

About:Blank is one of the most frustrating Browser Hijackers to stay around as long as it has and continue to do damage to systems. If you are hit you will totally be frustrated until you realize you have to do something.  What you see that tells you your system has been hijacked by the About:Blank […]

Mini-display port to DVI to HDMI

Nothing like taking a 13 MacBook or 15 /17 inch MacBook Pro and connecting to a 50” or 60” flat screen!!!  From experience, let me tell you how awesome it is!!!! Are you one of those that has been trying to piece together cables so that your MacBook or MacBook Pro would work with your […]

How do you access Dell’s recovery partition?

Jeffrey Safford I have a Dell Inspiron 518 running Windows Vista. My kids have managed to get it infected with the virus that poses like a virus scanner – XP Antivirus 2008 (runs as XPAntivirusUpdate.exe and xpa2008.exe). I can’t manage to get this damned thing removed, so I’m just going to have Windows reinstalled.  Yeah, the […]

Back up your data people!!

I’m going to go off on a bit of a rant here, but I feel that it is necessary. Back up your data! You wouldn’t believe the number of requests that I get constantly that go something like this: ” My computer was running fine until last night when an electrical storm hit, now when […]