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Reviews and general information pertaining to the miscellaneous software and technology products which we found interesting our useful.

New Details of Rumored Apple Smartwatch

apple iwatch

Rumors of an Apple Smartwatch, or sometimes referred as the Apple iTime or Apple iWatch, have been circulating for years.  Now, recently released patent details have added fuel to the fire.  A patent dated from 2011 at least proves that Apple was considering marketing a smartwatch in the future. The patent provided some information regarding the iWatch, including the image ...

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Sony Xperia Z2 Review – A Tablet for the Masses

sony xperia z2 review

One of Sony’s most recent developments in the tablet market is the Sony Xperia z2. It is a lightweight, user-friendly and feature loaded option for consumers who like media, connectivity and superior sound. While the initial memory capacity is not all that great, the few limitations of this tablet are easily overcome with inexpensive additions. General Specifications According to the ...

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Misfit Shine Review – The Answer to an Active Lifestyle?

misfit shine review

How active are you throughout the day? Most people assume they reach the average 5,117 steps per day, as seen in an American study, but what about you? Many countries far surpass this milestone and many people are trying to hit the 10,000 step mark. The truth is, your activity levels are probably much lower than you think.  The Misfit ...

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ASUS TF101 Review – RMA Process

asus tf101 review

Alrighty folks, as most of you know, I’m pretty easy going. I don’t tend to get on here and rant about a bad experience because I realize that unfortunate things happen and I just tend to roll with it. This is precisely what I did when my brand-new ASUS TF101 Transformer I received as a gift (which I was able to use ...

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HTC Touch Pro Review

I was not impressed with the HTC Touch Pro.

About two months ago I decided to switch wireless phone carriers and get myself a new phone. At the time I was with T-Mobile and had the HTC Dream; known more commonly as the T-Moblie G1. My decision to switch from T-Mobile stemmed mostly from the fact that their coverage in Southern Utah isn’t terribly good, as well as the ...

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This copy of Windows is not genuine

Microsoft, in a rather brilliant move, has released an update that checks your OS serial against a list of known leaked serials (corporate edition keys, etc). If your serial matches one of them then it puts a darling little message on the bottom right hand of your login screen, and also a system tray icon that nags you to buy ...

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