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The Main New Features of Android Ores 8.0

As the eclipse happened over America, Google unveiled the latest addition to their Android software, Android Oreo 8.0. Already on the Pixel and with other smartphone companies eager to get the new software onto their current flagship smartphones, Android Oreo is a good incremental upgrade to Marshmallow. Although the changes that Google have introduced are not as radical as some ...

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The New Essential Phone: An Android Essential?

There have been some rather exciting phones released this year such as the Samsung S8, Note 8, the OnePlus 5 and the LG G6. From this, what we have seen is that 2017 is the year of bezel-less screens, albeit the OnePlus 5 (even without the phone being bezel-less, it is still a great phone). A company that has emerged ...

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Everything You Need to Know about the Samsung Note 8

Last week was a big week for Samsung as they reveiled the latest smartphone in the Note lineup. Considering how bad the Note 7 went with the recalls due to exploding batteries, there was a lot of pressure on Samsung to recover the lost reputation that was damaged from the poor Note 7. However, a year has flown past, Samsung ...

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Nokie Unveil their new Flagship Smartphone: Nokia 8

Nokia have seemingly been a dying breed in the smartphone industry ever since Apple introduced the first iPhone back in 2007. At one point, everyone seemed to have a Nokia. However, the slowly reducing market share that Nokia have in the smartphone sector has not put them off to continually push to make the best smarpthone possible. With this, Nokia ...

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Here are all of the Latest iPhone 8 Rumours

Rumours surrounding Apple’s next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, are seriously starting to pick up momentum. After all, it was back in 2007, a good ten years ago, that Steve Jobs first unveiled the original iPhone that would change the smartphone market forever. Ten years later and everyone knows that Apple are going to really step up their game, both ...

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How to Fix Battery Drainage on Android Smartphones

As much as having all of the latest specs on a smartphone is something a lot of people like, it is something that is completely futile if your smartphone has no battery. This seems to be quite a big talking point for 2017 in the smartphone sector – trading off power and features for battery. For example, you could buy ...

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Elon Musk Warns of Terminator Skynet/Marvel Ultron AI

The rate at which there are technological advances in most markets is happening at, what seems like, an exponential rate. The fact of the matter is that as the processing power of computers gets faster and faster, they are able to solve more complex tasks in shorter amounts of time. So, in some way, yes, we are moving along at ...

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3 Tech Companies to Invest in for the Future

Investing in the stock market is always going to be risky business. However, with risk comes the possibility for huge profits. The question that you need to continually answer is ‘what companies should I invest my stocks in?’ It’s the billion dollar question. On the whole, there are a lot of companies for which you can ‘play it safe’ with. ...

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