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Articles and tutorials on internet marketing, best strategies to successfully promote your business.

Why You Should Concentrate On Mobile Marketing

For many advertisers, they will stick to one form of internet marketing and that is it. They will learn the ups and downs of the form of marketing, learn to optimise their campaigns and more and will generally run successful campaigns. However, times do change and technology can be considered the fastest moving market in the world – you only have ...

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3 Reasons To Make A Website Twitter Account

When it comes to making a website, it is a necessity to have social media platforms link to the website/blog. Without social media, the sources of traffic to the website will have potentially seriously decreased. Although most websites out there will gain the majority of their traffic organically from the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, there will be some ...

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3 Ways To Increase Twitter Follower Count

As a blogger, it is a necessity to link any blog with social media accounts on, at least, the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +. This is because social media platforms can make it possible for your blog to gain much more traffic than just from organic search results: if you have the right set ...

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Composing The Perfect Clickable Tweet

When it comes to gaining traffic online, there are many sources you can go for. Most people choose SEO or PPC while others tend to stick to social marketing. With social marketing, to use media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote and gain traffic and sometimes be quite tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Twitter ...

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PPC vs SEO Using A Decision Matrix

This is the big fight. When it comes to gaining traffic online, most people tend to go for one of two options: search engine optimisation by improving the organic ranking of websites or pay per click advertising by paying for each click an advert gets on search results. Both have their pros and cons so here is a comparison of ...

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Top 4 Best Forms of Internet Marketing

It is the million dollar question – how to get traffic to a website. It is what has made some people millions on the internet while causing others to go insane. Finding traffic sources on the internet without paying can sometimes be hard. However, fear not because paid sources of traffic are popular for many million of people on the ...

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The Pros and Cons To Email Marketing

Ten years ago, it would have been quite a rare occurrence to have more than one email account. Now, take me for example, I have over 7 different and active email accounts I manage on a daily basis! This makes it clear that there is a market to advertise using emails. However, should you invest your time and money into email ...

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