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Computer Tutorials

Our computer tutorial section offers answers to some of the more common questions we have seen related to computer issues, operating systems and hardware problems.

Misconfig Startup

MSConfig is a really handy utility. I use it all the time to remove items from the system’s startup that I may want to add again later. (Printer utilities, sound drivers, etc) However, there are often plenty of items that you may wish to permanently remove from MSConfig startup area. To get rid of the extra entries you must edit ...

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How to Boot Up in Windows Safe Mode

Windows Safe mode is one of the most useful things for diagnosing problems with Windows. It loads Windows with an absolute minimum of startup items and the most basic of drivers. It’s really ugly looking, but comes in really handy if something is locking up your machine. Windows 95 Safe Mode: Restart your computer After the computer POSTs start pressing ...

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Ethernet Adaptors Installed in Windows XP

You find duplicate Ethernet network adapters in Windows XP computers. This occurs although the Windows XP computer only has one Ethernet network adapter. For example, the computer has one 3COM Ethernet network adapter that is physically attached to the computer. However, two or more 3COM Ethernet network adapters are listed in the System Information tool (Msinfo32.exe).How to fix this –Warning ...

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Browser Help Object Removal From Internet Explorer

Browser Help Objects (BHO), most of the time, are created for use with Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer alone. They don’t serve any real function when loaded with a regular explorer window, so it can be useful (for memory reasons and the like) to enable Browser Help Object removal from the Internet Explorer.exe instance. You really don’t need them starting ...

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Windows 7 Starts in Safe Mode

A desktop computer running Windows 7 32bit I started up recently immediately went into safe mode. I shut it back down and rebooted only to have it go right back into safe mode, with no warning or error messages. After doing a bit of research, I found a couple potential issues and reasons why windows 7 starts in safe mode. ...

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Backdoor Open on Popular Routers

Recently, it has been reported that there are backdoors in most routers in use by home and businesses, such as Linksys and D-Link brands. You can read the details here if you are interested. It basically says that port 32764 can be used by agencies to listen into your Internet traffic. Normally, this port is closed by default, but if ...

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Windows XP won’t get IP address – DHCP not working

Daniel C. – I’m having trouble getting my computer connected to the internet. I’ve tried to connect with multiple adapters and different cords to no avail. When I plug the cord into the adapter (or enable the network interface card) XP just sits there and tries to get an IP address until I stop it. I tried to run the ...

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nVidia HDMI Audio Out Not Working

Generally speaking, nVidia doesn’t have many issues regarding its drivers. Despite their excellent track record, however, they are not perfect. An issue I ran into recently was the HDMI audio output not working on a GeForce 9200M GPU [105M chipset] being output to an older Philips TV. This is apparently a common compatibility issue with Philips televisions that are over ...

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Hive File Restoration – Step By Step Part 2

Hive File Restoration – Step By Step So did you complete Step 1?  That wasn’t so bad, now was it? You’ve officially backed up your current HIVE files. Now we need to replace the Hive file your system uses with the originals from when your computers OS was first installed. Type: cd .. cd system32 cd config delete c:\windows\system32\config\sam delete ...

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