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Computer Tutorials

Our computer tutorial section offers answers to some of the more common questions we have seen related to computer issues, operating systems and hardware problems.

Essential Windows Processes

In the battle against spyware and viruses, it is often necessary to close down programs that are running using the task manager. It’s hard to know what to close down unless you know what the essential Windows processes are. Almost all viruses, and much of the spyware will automatically put themselves back into startup when you remove them if you leave them ...

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Integrating Service Packs into a Windows CD

For those of you, like me, that format often, this information should come in quite handy. Integrating service packs into a Windows CD is one of the easiest and best time saving things you can do. Now you no longer have to install the OS, and then wait while the service pack is applied, it’s already there and you can ...

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MSASN1.DLL Error code 0x00000485

And people wonder why I hate MSN… If you’re getting the error message: We were unable to load a required library msnmetal.dll. Error code: 0x00000485 while attempting to access your MSN internet provider then follow these steps: If you’re receiving an error about MSASN1.DLL as well, then go through the steps in this article first, and try to run MSN ...

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