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Backdoor Open on Popular Routers

port-test-300x1071Recently, it has been reported that there are backdoors in most routers in use by home and businesses, such as Linksys and D-Link brands.

You can read the details here if you are interested. It basically says that port 32764 can be used by agencies to listen into your Internet traffic.

Normally, this port is closed by default, but if you want to make sure you can check at Steve Gibson’s site to make sure it is closed.

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Gibson is a security expert, I have been listening to his podcast for years and highly recommend it. It does get pretty technical at times, but there is always some good information to take from each episode.

If you want to double check your router to make sure the port is closed, click to visit his Shields Up site. This is a direct link to test just this port.

Image above is a screenshot from when I ran a test on my router, as you can see, it passes (click the image to enlarge).

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