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Apple vs Android – Which One Should You Go For?

I can pretty much guarantee that every person who has ever purchased an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or the equivalent in Android form has pondered over this question sometime or another. It is also becoming increasingly common for a person to make their mind up about this and stick to it. This is often why it is such an important question to answer. Once you have committed to an eco-system, it will become very difficult to get out of that eco-system and into the other, if you should so choose to do so. Therefore, here are the main arguments when going for Apple as well as going for Android.



For Apple – Product Quality

One of the best reasons to go for Apple products is because you will never be disappointed. Every product is made from the finest of materials and ooze quality from the Apple Watch all the way up to the iPad Pro. To be honest, this is exactly what you should be getting considering the price to pay for such products. However, you know the quality of Apple products cannot be matched (with the closest match to be from Samsung) hence why many of the Android manufacturers base their phones around the same shape and materials that Apple have used.



For Android – Google Integration

One of the best features that comes with all Android devices is the Google Now feature. What Google Now does is make everything important in your life appear as a card, which you can swipe to dismiss or tap to open up and explor further. The great thing about Google Now is the integration it has with all Android products, such as Android Wear, obviously with smartphones and tablets and Android Auto for cars. Although Apple has Siri and notifications to try and match Google Now, it is miles behind the ease of use and functionality that Google Now has.



For Apple – Technological Leaders

What you will always find with Apple products is that they always come up with new technologies well before the Android alternatives, which often gives them another USP ontop of the many they already have (such as their build quality). Such examples of Apple leading new technological innovations include:

  • The smartphone as we know it
  • The tablet as we know it
  • The UI of portable devices as we know it
  • HDR on smartphone cameras
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • 3D touch (pressure sensitive screen)
  • Light sensors to change colour combinations on screens
  • Huge battery life capacities

The list could honestly go on and on and on. Apple leads technology which is a huge plus point to them. If you want to be the first to have such new technology, the only choice is Apple. If you are okay to wait for such technology to reach Android in 1-2 years, then you would be okay choosing Android.



For Android – Cheaper Alternatives

One of the great things about Android is that there are tens of hundreds of devices you can buy ranging from $50 up to $1000. There is always going to be a device in your price bracket with the right specification to fit your needs. For many people that do not like to pay up the big bucks of Apple, this is a huge bonus towards Android.

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