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8 Things You Can Sell On A Website or Blog

There are many ways you can generate revenue from the traffic that is directed to your website or blog. Image result for website money makingFor one, it would be a great idea to adopt some sort of advertising, since this generally produces the best results across the broadest range of websites and blogs. Saying this, there are many cases when it would be more beneficial to sell something, such as a product, on a website or blog that can make you more money. To help you determine if you are in a situation to sell some sort of product, here are 8 things you can sell on a website or blog.

  1. eBook – eBooks are very popular for websites and blogs because making a website or blog on a particular topic tends to make you an expert in that field. Therefore, entering the blog is a ‘taster’ as to what your eBook is going to be like.
  2. Book – If you want to protect your copyrights (by making sure there is no electronic version of your content from a book floating the internet), then selling a book might be your best bet instead. It is easy to get your book to distributors such as Amazon through the numerous self-publishing websites that can do this for you.
  3. Your services – As already mentioned, you can be an expert about the topic you are talking about. If people need help in that area or want to learn more, you could sell a service where you can do this for them. For example, if you are a banker blogging about banks, loans, and mortgages, you could provide a consultation as to what is the best route for a person based on their specific financial situation etc.
  4. Digital subscriptions – Having subscriptions, either delivered by email or providing a login to services on a website, is a popular way to make money.
  5. Merchandise – This could be anything from a calendar to clothing to even cutlery. With merchandise, it is important to have a brand for which is popular and people are willing to purchase merchandise for: otherwise it will struggle to sell.
  6. Software – To some extent, the whole world evolves around software since it is used everywhere we look. Creating buildings, cars, TVs, smartphones – software is everywhere. The great thing is that there is always plenty of opportunities to create specific software for specific situations, for which you can sell on your website.
  7. An actual product – If you actually have a product on sale, then it is a great idea to plug it on your website.
  8. Online courses – Going on the thought of being an expert in your field, people will want to have the knowledge and expertise that you do in the topic you are talking about. For this reason, a great way to profit from this is to create online courses, which could include video and written tutorials to the topic you are an expert in.

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